Good Psychics – A Marketplace for Clairvoyant Services

Sometimes only one piece of the puzzle is missing to make a good decision, and it can be very difficult to figure out which one. People used to like using clairvoyant services for all situations. They still like it. Could you imagine if this was now available to you in just a couple of clicks? Well, it's actually possible.

Good Psychics – A Marketplace for Clairvoyant Services

Today, we choose what we believe and what we don't, what is true and what is false, and if in some places the attitude to clairvoyants is quite skeptical, in others it’s a very popular service that everyone can resort to. 

In the case of clairvoyance, progress has not been ignored. Sometimes it’s very difficult to find a worthy and qualified specialist and clairvoyants are no exception. To simplify such searches and give people the opportunity to choose a clairvoyant according to their preferences, our client partnered with us to create Good Psychics.

So what is it?

In a nutshell, Good Psychics is a marketplace for clairvoyant services. Here you can choose a medium according to a variety of criteria. You can choose the best specialist from the Top-20 rating in keeping with their field of specialization and their experience.

What benefits does Good Psychics give to the psychics who use the platform? The first benefit is the opportunity to express yourself in an accessible and understandable way. A clairvoyant can create an account where they specify all of the useful information about themselves: work experience, areas of specialization, methods of divination, and so on.

Also, the process of working with the client is smooth and clear: You can always see whether you can contact the clairvoyant at the given moment or if they are busy. In addition, the clairvoyant can understand how much can be earned from the client's treatment since the cost depends on the time of communication with them.

How it works

Generally, the goal of the Good Psychics project is to collect the top clairvoyants from different platforms and combine them into one database of the best clairvoyants. This way, potential clients will see the best of the best mediums in different categories and criteria when they visit Good Psychics.

From a technical point of view, this is a web-product adapted for both mobile phone and iPad, working well in all resolutions.

The main goal in development was to ensure that the lists of clairvoyants are dynamic, i.e. the database of clairvoyants is not supposed to be downloaded only once, but is regularly updated with current information about clairvoyants. To implement this, it was necessary to develop a mechanism that would be able to upload updated information, process it, and publish it at any time.

At the moment, for such work, information is collected in a JSON file, which has a structure containing the name, surname, and category of the clairvoyant, their prices, location, and so on. Next, this JSON file is sent to the AWS Lambda.

AWS Lambda is a platform service within Amazon Web Services in a function-as-a-service model that provides event-oriented serverless computing. It's activated in response to an event and automatically obtains the necessary computing resources for processing the request.

AWS Lambda has a parser written by our developer that checks the entire file for the necessary information. After working with this parser, we’re working with a content management system (CMS) called Contentful. This is a platform that allows you to add or change information on the site using an intuitive interface.

Working with Contentful allows us to update data on clairvoyants without losing old data. In other words, when we upload a new list of clairvoyants to the site, the previous lists are saved in Contentful.

Generally, the main values and features of working with Good Psychic are to fully debug the parser, work out the key points, and exclude moments when the parser provides incorrect information or fails to provide any information at all.

Key features

The key points for clients and clairvoyants can be described as follows:

For clients:

  • Easy to search for a clairvoyant in various categories
  • Understandable cost of service for each psychic
  • The possibility of choosing a psychic from the top list
  • The ability to communicate both via call and chat

For clairvoyants:

  • Opportunity to present yourself in the most profitable way
  • Ability to appear in the top list
  • A fairly simple and transparent way to work with the client
  • As a bonus, you can set a video as your avatar


The core team that worked on the app consisted of:

  • Project Manager
  • Full-Stack Developer

Sometimes we resorted to the help of our CTO as a consultant, because the work on the Serverless framework is quite challenging. In the end, we made two in one: we have Serverless with no server, and we use Server Site Rendering technology — a web development technique that involves using webserver scripts that create a response tailored to each user request on the website. An alternative for a web server is to provide a static web page, which is not an option since we must have dynamic content.


Our team tested new and atypical approaches while working on the project, so the full process took three weeks.


Our team used the following technology stack to achieve the best possible project implementation:

  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon S3
  • Contentful
  • React + Next.js


Challenges and solutions

As mentioned earlier, the main challenge in working on Good Psychics was to establish the process of updating the clairvoyant database so as not to lose information about those who were already in the lists on the site. There was also a need to work in the Serverless framework, which in the end made this project very atypical and interesting for our team. To meet all these requirements, we decided to work with AWS Lambda and Contentful. This is how we completed this task.

What we have now

At the moment, there is already an excellent version of Good Psychics. For this project, one of the important requirements was high data loading speed. In order to analyze the speed of Good Psychics, we used the GTmetrix tool. After analyzing the work with this tool, we got results for various indicators in 100% (the download speed is approximately 1.4 seconds).

Also, Good Psychics is already working and successfully updating the clairvoyant database exactly as it was intended.


Since this project is currently in the proof of concept stage, it is planned to apply the principles of working with Contentful to all categories on the site. 

It is also planned to use Contentful to create a blog on the site and to create a dynamically updated horoscope in which the data for this horoscope is updated in the same way the data for clairvoyants is updated.


It's difficult to deny the great demand for horoscopes or clairvoyant services. While for some it's nothing more than entertainment or a show, for others it's a primary way to get information or the truth. Technological and social progress should not ignore such an important area.

There is no longer a need to travel a long way to meet a specialist, and no need to plan sessions months ahead. Now it is much easier — just a couple of clicks to know the answers to your most important questions. Isn't it a miracle?

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