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Fusion Markets

Forex trading platform

Fusion Markets benefits users with rapid financial services and lower trading costs.


Six months


Web development


Online Forex trading




Project Idea

The client partnered with us to create a design for the new Fusion Markets broker platform. However, when the design work was complete they asked us to develop the platform too.

The Сlient Had

  • A concept for a new broker platform
  • A third-party solution, which was no longer desirable

We were responsible for

  • The platform’s design
  • New frontend and backend


Project manager

Tech lead


QA engineer

Frontend engineer

Backend engineer

Full-stack engineer


The process of wireframing Fusion Markets was critical in order to ensure the smooth combination of beauty and functionality.

UI/UX design

Subsequent to the creation of wireframes, we moved on to the design process. The focus here was to merge the visual and functional aspects of Fusion Markets.

Technology Stack

Fusion Markets is based on the following technologies:

For brokers


The Fusion Markets platform can be accessed only by approved brokers. This protects the sensitive information from unwarranted access by third-party agents.


Brokers, on behalf of clients, can arrange and complete trading deals on the platform through participation in the process.


The list of clients is located on a separate tab, where brokers can manage them and monitor information concerning individual clients.


It’s easy to check essential stats, such as commissions and payments. Additionally, balances can be filtered on the basis of currency or commodity.

For staff


The Fusion Markets’ staff can manage the broker list, approve or decline the applications, and ban users if necessary.


The platform generates easy-to-use reports that contain statistics about brokers, deals, commissions and sales.


The executives of Fusion Markets can manage staff directly from the platform, assign managers to brokers and control their levels of access.

Challenges and Solutions

The Fusion Markets project presented certain challenges, as described below:

Implementing static IPs


On the old Heroku hosting system, it was difficult to implement static IPs that would offer access to databases. Such IPs are important because they heighten the security of the service.


To enhance security with static IPs, we moved from Heroku to Amazon Web Services.

Domain issue


The backend and main application should function under the same domain name.


We chose to implement different ports for two apps and then wrote an NGINX configuration, which would redirect all requests to the necessary link with the port to the app’s backend.

What we have now

The platform for brokers was subsequently transferred to the company’s in-house team. The client is now planning the development of a new trading platform for cryptocurrency.