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A secure mobile messenger for business networking

BlackBird is an iOS chat app that helps users build and expand their business networks.

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1.5 years


Mobile development






The app has vast chat functionality that helps users maintain the business network.

Contact cards

Users can create digital business cards which list their position and occupation.


The app allows users to create detailed notifications for upcoming events.

Blast messages

Users can send messages to many contacts at once without creating one group.


Project Idea

The client partnered with us to create a mobile messenger for building up and supporting their business network. One of their requirements was that the app provides its users with top-notch security.


Project manager

Frontend engineer

Backend engineer

iOS engineer

QA engineer


While making wireframes for BlackBird, we were bearing in mind the concepts of simplicity and functionality.

BlackBird WireframeBlackBird Wireframe

Technology Stack

The technologies and tools we used on the project include:

BlackBird Technology Stack

Custom illustration

All illustrations for BlackBird are drawn from scratch by our design team.

Custom illustrationCustom illustration mobile

Authentication & log in

Users register via an SMS verification code sent to their mobile phone or via email. They must then create a 4-digit PIN number for accessing the app.

YWS > Works > CaseStudy >BlackBird > Authentication & log inBlackBird Authentication & log in Mobile

Contact cards

When a user enters their profile, they can create and share one or several business cards where they indicate their occupation, contact details, address, and social media.

BlackBird Contact cardsBlackBird Contact cards mobile


The app allows users to set up detailed reminders about all types of business-related activities like calls, meetings, business lunches, and other events.

BlackBird Reminders

Blast messages

BlackBird can create group chats, but if a user needs to send a message to multiple people individually, they can use Blast messages and create drip campaigns.

BlackBird Blast messages

Hybrid development approach

The chat functionality and encryption algorithms were written in Swift which is a native iOS language. However, other features including BlackBird’s UI were written with the help of cross-platform React Native. To make both parts work together smoothly, we created a bridge that allows the cross-platform part to communicate with the native one.

Blackbird Swift & React Native

Challenges and Solutions

Enhanced security


The client wanted BlackBird to have the utmost level of security. Specifically, they requested that all personal information and chat history contained in the app should not be accessible to any third-party service.


Our team implemented several options of login so users can choose what they trust the most: Face ID, two-factor authentication via SMS code, password, and PIN number. Also, we created an end-to-end encryption algorithm for messaging so all information is protected.

BlackBird Enhanced security

Deep linking implementation


Users should be able to invite friends to the app and share contacts and contact cards with other people. To achieve this functionality, we needed to implement deep links.


We integrated deep linking via the React Native app.

BlackBird Deep linking implementation

How it works

Here is what BlackBird looks like right now. Animation