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Kitchen Equipment Customizer

Creating equipment tailored to clients’ designs

The client had

  • A functioning website

  • New features ideas

Project challenges

  • Image customizing

  • Price management

Project Team

  • Project manager

  • Frontend engineer

  • Backend engineer

Project idea

The client came to us with the idea of streamlining their sales process by creating a customization tool. Users can customize the necessary kitchen equipment according to their designs and request a quote of how much it will cost. Our task was to implement this feature from scratch and




Web development


1.5 years (ongoing support)



Discovery phase

Equipment customizer

The customizer software allows users to configure and design a virtual representation of the necessary equipment like stoves and fridges to their exact specifications and preferences. This includes adjusting the size, color, and materials of the equipment as well as changing other functional and aesthetic aspects.

With the help of a customizer, clients can visualize their ideas and make changes until they are satisfied with the design. The end goal of this feature is for the user to have a clear understanding of what their custom equipment would look like and how it would fit into the kitchen before making a purchase.

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More features

Extensive Product Database

Maintains an up-to-date catalog of kitchen equipment and appliances from various manufacturers.

Cost Estimation

Calculates and displays the estimated cost of customized equipment, including any additional features or upgrades.

Online Ordering

Allows users to place orders directly through the platform or connect them with preferred suppliers.

Filter and Search

Allows users to filter products based on criteria like brand, price range, size, and energy efficiency.

Live Chat or Support

Offers live chat support or access to kitchen equipment experts who can provide guidance and recommendations.

Technology Stack












Challenges and Solutions

The speed of image customizing

During the process of customizing, the preview images have to change according to the criteria chosen by the user. All the changes must happen as quickly as possible for the user’s convenience. However, the number of colors, styles, and possible configurations is immense, so we needed to make sure such a volume of content won’t affect the customizer’s speed. 

We spent a lot of time researching and fixing the issue with speed, so now the customizer quickly loads the necessary images.  

Price management

Prices for equipment change from time to time, so we must be very careful to ensure that the prices on the site match the actual prices.

We provide constant website maintenance service to ensure all the content stays up to date.

What we have now

The project has been released.

No bugs were reported by users.

25+ high-budget deals made.

YWS > Works > CaseStudy > Kitchen Equipment Customizer > What we have now > ImageYWS > Works > CaseStudy > Kitchen Equipment Customizer > What we have now > Image