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Workflow management software for small tax firms

SmartCenter showcase
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6 months


Cloud management system for tax companies


Web development




Easy to manage clients, tasks, and documents

One-for-all solution

All clients’ activity in one place

Smooth and secure communication

Chatting with clients right inside the app

Intelligent searching abilities

Not a single document is lost


Project Idea

Our client was looking to finish the development of a simple and functional platform for small tax companies to manage the activities of their clients.

The Сlient Had

  • The app code
  • Design
  • List of desired features

Project challenges

  • Updating the existing code
  • Finishing the project


Full-stack developer

Back-end developer

QA specialist (part-time)

Project-manager (part-time)

Designer (part-time)

Technology Stack

SmartCenter Technology Stack

CRM & Task manager

Our team created a multifunctional platform that combines features of a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) and a task manager.

The main modules of SmartCenter are:


Shows all the profile activity on one page


Contains all the necessary contact information about the clients


Helps to control the current tasks and manage the whole company’s activity


Connect a user and a customer


Stores all the client’s documentation that’s necessary for taxation


Contains useful links, guides, and templates for successful business management.

YWS > Works > CaseStudy > SmartCenter > Special > ImageYWS > Works > CaseStudy > SmartCenter > Special > Modules > Image bundle

Challenges and Solutions

Ember.js framework


The client came to us with a big part of the app that was already written in Ember.js. We had two options here: either to rewrite everything from scratch in something more future-proof like React or to update the existing part to the newest version of Ember.js and continue development.


Despite the fact that React is more future-proof, there were two factors that stopped us from choosing the first variant:

  • rewriting was more resource-consuming than updating Ember.js. the client already had some customers that were using Smartcenter and the transfer of all their information to a new framework could make the development process even more complicated.

  • So, in order to save clients time, money, and customers, we opted for updating the existing part of the code.


Our team developed a user-friendly cloud-based management platform that helps tax firms control all their activity. A nice user interface and detailed profiles make using Smartcenter for day-to-day work clear and simple.

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