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An SMS marketing platform is a web platform for creating and launching SMS marketing campaigns in 5 minutes.

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3 months


Web Development


Web Marketing Platform



Geolocation is able to identify the users’ timezone with the help of their phone number or the information from the CRM to send the message at the right time.


All the necessary metrics are in one place: the total number of sent messages and failed deliveries.

Open rate tracking

Deep links in messages help the client see how many messages were open and how many users unsubscribed from the mailing.


With the help of, the client can build templates for messages and add media like images and GIF files.

Campaigns allows creating and editing SMS campaigns, sending them to various target audiences, and tracking open rates.


Project Idea

Our client wanted to create a simple web platform that will assist them in building SMS marketing campaigns. It should be able to send mass SMS mailing, show analytics, and support media.


  • Project manager
  • Backend engineers
  • Frontend engineers
  • Tech lead
  • QA engineers


The layout of is made intuitive and simple, so creating a new SMS campaign will be easy and smooth. first first wireframe second second wireframe

Technology Stack Technology Stack

Challenges and Solutions

Here are some challenges we faced while developing

Mass SMS sending


The app had limits on the amount of SMS sent per second. For example, if a campaign requires the delivery of 100,000 SMSs, it will take a lot of time to finish sending.


We optimized the sending process by adding multiple numbers, creating special queues, and adding more pools of numbers.

Mass SMS sending

Analytics tracking


Unlike messengers and emails, SMS are hard to track. It’s impossible to see if the recipient opened an SMS and read the information in it. So we had to create a tool for checking the open rate and unsubscribing rate.


We create unique deep links for each message. It registers the moment it’s open and provides the client with the best possible statistics about the number of open messages and unsubscribed users. Analytics tracking


The client actively uses the platform for managing SMS marketing campaigns and they are happy with the functionality. results