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A set of extensions to guide 
your writing style

Writer provides its users with extensive vocabulary checking and style guides 
to keep the brand voice coherent.

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3 months




Web Development


Web (Chrome)

Brand voice

Writer is focused on business writing. The extension will work on any website and mailing service to help your employees stick to your tone of voice.

Different guides for different departments

You can create several organizations, write different guidelines for each of them, and choose the necessary one from a drop-down menu.

Extensive support

Writer works with many services and apps: Google Chrome, Figma, Microsoft Word, and Contentful.

Spelling and grammar checker

Besides general spell checking, Writer supports custom guidelines and terms to personalize your company’s writing style.


A snippet lets you insert big frames of text with a simple shortcut. If you need to write repetitive texts like introductory emails, this function is for you.


Project Idea

Writer’s team is cooperating with Yellow’s specialists to create a simple and user-friendly Chrome extension that will help companies organize and support their brand voice on all websites.

The client had

  • An independent editor
  • Backend
  • A project idea
  • Initial requirements

We did

  • The extensions themselves
  • Performance upgrade



Project manager

Frontend engineer

QA engineer


Project manager

Frontend engineer

The Client Had

Project manager

Frontend engineer

The Сlient Had

Project manager

Frontend engineer

QA engineer


Technology Stack

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Challenges and Solutions

How our team coped with a range of development challenges

Working with Google Documents


Google Documents’ editor is far from usual. It has complex logic and structure. Besides, the Google Documents service is going to use canvas instead of HTML, and it makes text processing even harder.


We are adapting the Chrome extension to canvas to facilitate spell checking.

Work with Google docs

Highlighting mistakes


Writer Chrome Extension calculates the positions of wrong words and phrases by their coordinates. When the words’ positions are changing or new text appears, the coordinates need to be recalculated.


We created an algorithm that completes this task and now our team is working on its upgrade.

Hightkighting mistakes



When we were working on the highlighting feature, there were no detailed instructions on how to correctly implement it in the documentation.


We studied TypeScript’s definitions for the Figma API and experimented with several options that can potentially work.

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How it works


Sign up or log in


Read the instruction


Set up the necessary parameters


Write the text


Polish it with Writer Chrome Extension

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