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A marketplace and promoting tool for beauty bloggers

Beautonomy is a platform where creators can share their makeup looks and earn some money.

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6 months


Beauty marketplace


Web Development




Get the look

Detailed tutorials for looks creation

New eyeshadow palette customizer


Project Idea

Our client wants to create a universal platform for Instagram and YouTube beauty bloggers where they can create tutorials for their looks and get more recognition for their work.

The client had

  • Released website
  • Eyeshadow palette customizer
  • List of issues to fix
  • New ideas

Project challenges

  • AI implementation
  • Optimizing palette customizer
  • AWS server configuration
  • Fixing the website


Project manager

UI/UX designer

QA engineers

Tech lead

Backend engineers

Frontend engineers

JavaScript engineer


While creating wireframes, we thought about Beautonomy’s usability for both creators and common users.

Beautonomy first wireframeBeautonomy first wireframe
Beautonomy second wireframeBeautonomy second wireframe

Technology Stack

Tools we used to achieve the final goal.

Key functions

Get the look

If you are a beauty blogger, Get the look will help you share your content with others and attract a new audience. A creator can organize their own page with detailed makeup tutorials that indicate each step and all the products used in it.

Beautonomy Key functions Get the look


Beautonomy provides a platform for other brands to show themselves. Users can buy everything creators used in their makeup or choose offered alternatives. Apply a set of filters to choose the most suitable items.

Beautonomi Key functions Marketplace

Palette customizer

Besides being a market platform, Beautonomy creates its own eyeshadows and allows users to compose their own palettes. They can choose the size (8, 12, or up to 24 refills), rename the colors, and personalize the external design.

Beautonomi Key functions Marketplace

Challenges and Solutions

Here is what we dealt with while developing Beautonomy.



For the makeup products used by the influencer to create their look to be shown on the Looks pages automatically, we need to collect all possible information about them from multiple sources. We can use data from Instagram posts, YouTube video caption tracks, and comments to get the necessary names and brands.


We made it work with the help of a parser so now the process is automated.

Beautonomy sphere 1Beautonomy sphere 2Beautonomy sphere 3

Artificial intelligence implementation


When a blogger lists the items of cosmetics they use to create a look, Beautonomy should correctly pick up their names even when they are incorrectly pronounced or written. Also, it should be able to recommend users proper alternatives of products.


To complete this task, we added artificial intelligence and machine learning elements.

AWS server


The initial configuration of the AWS server was poor and inadequate. The pages were loading extremely slow and the whole website could freeze for no reason.


Our specialists fixed all AWS configuration and project architecture so now everything is working smoothly.

Palette customizer optimization


The palette customizer was made for easy integration with Shopify, but the platform itself is written on WooCommerce. It caused a conflict in the customizer’s endpoints.


The team rewrote the endpoints of the customizer so it could integrate with the rest of the platform without any trouble.

What we have now

For now, we completed several milestones:

  • The parser
  • Get the look functionality
  • The initial bugs-fixing
  • The redesign