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A single-use chat

Fireaway helps you instantly create a chat, discuss what you need, and delete it. Right away!

3 weeks


Web Development


Online communication



It’s simple

Simplicity is the core of the app—it’s simple to use once and simple to work with every day.

It’s anonymous

There’s no registration, no chat history is saved. You close the tab—everything is gone. Still, you can always return to the chat by the same link.

It’s lightweight

Fireaway doesn’t occupy any space on your device: The only thing you need to use the app is the Internet connection.


Project Idea

Fireaway is a single-use anonymous chat where you don’t need to register and enter any of your personal data. Just open the browser tab, invite a friend or a colleague with the link, and start chatting. As soon as you close the browser tab, the chat is gone.


  • Project manager
  • Two web engineers
  • Two designers


The app was initially designed to be as simple as possible to avoid bunching and to make it easier for a user to interact with the chat app, regardless of the device they use.

Technology Stack


Fireaway's design correlates with the overall idea of the app. It’s light, colorful, and simple.

How Fireaway works

Challenges to overcome


During conferences, it takes too much time to write down all the telephone numbers and find your new business partners in various messengers—there’s simply no time for that (and business cards are too easy to lose).


To make communication fast, convenient, and private we created the Fireaway chat to instantly connect with your business partners on urgent matters.


With the Fireaway chat connecting with your business partners takes literally a few seconds, is fast, reliable, and keeps your privacy