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Phytoneering Extract Solutions

Phytoneering Extract Solutions is a subsidiary of Bionorica that manufactures and sells plant-based pharmaceutical products.

Bionorica background
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3.5 months


Corporate website


Web development




Project Idea

Phytoneering Extract Solutions partnered with Yellow to rebuild its existing website. The first step in our process was to analyze the site, after which we identified the aspects that should be changed, devised the structure for a new site, and produced the final solution.

The client had

  • The old version of the website

Inherent challenges

  • Site analysis
  • Site optimization
  • A multi-language interface
  • Map integration
  • Bilingual search implementation


Project manager

Technical lead

Two full-stack engineers



The main goal of creating wireframes for the website was to optimize the user flow so that it would correspond to real-user behavior as well as the daily needs of the client business.

Bionorica first wireframeBionorica first wireframe
Bionorica second wireframeBionorica second wireframe
Bionorica Technologies BG Image 1

Technology Stack

The website was built through the use of specific tools and technologies:

Bionorica Technology Stack


It was necessary to profile—or predict—user behavior so as to ensure convenient, intuitive functionality. Another important aspect of the production was to create numerous illustrations. We drew them from scratch so that the site's visual style would further convey the company's brand image.

Bionorica design first
Bionorica design second
Bionorica design third
Bionorica design fourth

Challenges and Solutions

The project had five main challenges, as described below:

Site analysis


Development started with a careful analysis 
of the client's existing website so that the new one would be free of weaknesses and other pain points.


Because the client's existing site was difficult 
to understand and navigate, we devoted great effort to the structural design of the new website.

YWS > Works > CaseStudy > Bionorica > Challenges and Solutions > Site analysis > Image bundle

Site optimization


It was essential to optimize the website's efficiency for quick loading and instant response.


Services such as GTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights helped us check the site's performance. After testing and optimizing the code, we were able to reach almost the highest site loading speed.

The search field


Because the website would be bilingual, its content also had to be searchable in a bilingual manner.


We added two separate fields—"English search tags” and "German search tags"—via Contentful.

A map for the Contact page


We had to install a scalable, interactive map on the Contact page. An additional task was to make the map reflect the style of the website.


We produced a custom version of Google Maps in which we removed everything that was shown by default, such as the names of establishments, streets, and other landmarks. Moreover, we changed the code in Google Maps to achieve a halftone look, i.e., black and gray on white.

An interface that would work well in two languages


The website for Phytoneering Extract Solutions had to be bilingual: German and English. This requirement presented certain difficulties. For example, the switch to the other language would trigger a page reload, in which case the user would return to the top of the page regardless of the point at which the selection was made.


Our specialists modified the AWS configuration and various architectural elements so that a user could freely switch from German to English or vice versa.

Bionorica Results BG Image


We achieved a pleasantly dynamic, user-friendly website.

Bionorica Results image