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A mobile app with fairy tales in English

Fairy is an iOS mobile app that provides users with audio fairy tales and lullabies empowered by subtitles and eye-catching illustrations.

Fairy Intro image

4 months + 8 months of regular updates


Entertainment App for Children


Mobile App Development


UI, UX, Desktop, Web, Strategy,
 User Research

Fairy tales

41 fairy tales and 9 lullabies from all over the world for you and your children.

Audio versions

Each fairy tale has an audio version provided by the best voiceover narrators.

Synchronized subtitles

Subtitles are helpful for those who just started learning English.


Project Idea

Since audiobooks are becoming more and more popular among readers, we decided to create a simple and intuitive library of audio fairy tales for children. During the development process, we realized that the app can also be used by adults who want to learn English from scratch.



UX/UI designer

Project manager

Content manager


Backend Developer

IOS Developer

Android Developer


The app is made simple and intuitive for children and parents to easily navigate inside.

Fairy first wireframeFairy first wireframe

Technology Stack

Here is the list of technologies and tools to bring our idea to life:

Fairy Technology Stack


Each audio fairy tale is complemented by scripted synchronized subtitles that will help children learn how to read and adults can start learning English.

Fairy Subtitles


Most covers and illustrations for fairy tales in the app are unique and drawn from scratch by our design team.

Fairy Illustrations

Challenges and Solutions

Here are the challenges our team faced while developing Fairy.

Subtitles synchronization


The main challenge we faced was synchronized subtitles. We started working with the SRT files in SubRip format. SubRip is a utility that turns subtitles from audio or video to text format. We should figure out how to work with subtitles and who can perform this task.


Our team decided not to hire a third-party specialist since it would cost more than delegating this task to an in-house engineer. Thus, our Android developer wrote most of the SRT files for audio fairy tales.

Fairy Subtitles synchronization



Even though the app had high ratings and positive feedback after the release, the number of conversions and in-app purchases during the trial period were staying low.


We conducted a little study and figured out that most users are making a conversion at the onboarding stage. The team made an onboarding with some app info and a “subscribe” button. We also offered a trial period and discounts and as a result, the conversion rate increased.

Fairy Monetization


The app now receives positive feedback. We hear stories about children asking their parents to turn on the app before going to sleep.