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A chat app for sharing interest and experience

CashChat connects people from various areas and lets them exchange their knowledge.

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11 months


Mobile Chat App


Mobile App Development




Users communicate with each other to share their expertise with others.


You can set up filters for people you want to talk to: gender, age, interests.

Location radius

Define the location you want to find people in - from a small town to the whole country.

In-app currency

Choose how many in-app coins the message will cost and earn real money for your knowledge.


Project Idea

The client wanted to create a unique chat application for people with experience in various areas to share it with each other.


Three designers

Project manager

Two QA specialists

iOS engineer


The app is made simple and intuitive for users to easily find mentors and chat with them.

CashChat WireframeCashChat Wireframe

Technology Stack

CashChat Technology Stack

Challenges and Solutions

During the development, we faced some small yet interesting challenges.

Working with Core Data


It consisted of the fact that you could have users in the contact list but not in the chat list. As it turned out, the whole problem was that it was necessary to configure the search parameters and restrictions in Core Data so that the requested information is displayed correctly.


All this is fixed easily, with the help of settings, but it was vital to understand what the problem was in the first place.

YWS > Works > CaseStudy > CashChat > Challenges and Solutions > Working with  Core Data

Unstable mobile network


The difficulty was that Twilio itself works fine, while the status of establishing synchronization may hang. It means that the user can not do anything in the chat, neither sending nor receiving. And for everything to work again, the user would have to restart the application. We didn’t want this to be the case.


To get around it, we decided to register the logic manually inside the application in case Wi-Fi goes missing or synchronization is not set. When this happens, the application will restart the Twilio Chat Client without the user having to force the process.

YWS > Works > CaseStudy > CashChat > Challenges and Solutions > Unstable mobile network