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Educational platform for teaching and studying esoteric and energy practices


9 months


Web development





Video uploading

Upload video courses in any format and any quality.

Cover image

Upload custom images for video thumbnails and crop them the way you like.

Paid subscriptions

As a student, subscribe to your favorite teacher and support their work.


Create an account to quickly receive all the payments from your subscribers.


Project Idea

The Cinnabar project was founded by two friends who share a passion for energy practices, martial arts, and meditation. They partnered with us to realize their idea of a user-friendly and uncomplicated platform that will connect gurus of various spiritual practices with people who want to learn more about the different teachings. Teachers should be able to upload their video courses on the platform and set up a paid subscription.


Project manager

Business analyst

Three frontend engineers

One backend engineer

UI/UX designer

Key features

User roles

A user can join the platform as a teacher to share their knowledge with others or as a student to watch classes and learn. One person can have both types of accounts.

User roles

Paid subscriptions

Besides a free subscription, we implemented a paid subscription option so students can support their favorite teachers and get access to additional content.

Paid subscriptions

Video courses

Upload video courses in any format and any quality (auto conversion to 1080p HLS format).

Video courses


All the subscription payments are collected once a month and the whole sum is transferred to a teacher’s bank account.


Live streams

With the streaming feature, teachers can start online live sessions, classes, and talks to strengthen their community and get closer to the audience.

Live streams


A chat system allows students to communicate directly with teachers via private messages to get personal feedback, or enter a group chat to get more support from the community.


Promo codes

A teacher can generate a promo code for a student so they will receive a free, one-month subscription.

Promo codes

Technology Stack

Challenges and Solutions

Stripe implementation


In order for users to stay on the website when completing payments, we needed to enable Cinnabar with a feature to create an account in Stripe for payments.


The frontend collects all the necessary information for the Stripe account, then sends it to the backend, which, in its turn, creates a Stripe Connect account for teachers to withdraw money safely.

Live streaming


We needed to enable teachers with the ability to start and manage online streams so that students can attend live classes.


We have written this feature from scratch with the help of Amazon Kinesis. For now, you can only streamfrom the web camera, but we are working on a more sophisticated version.


The platform is released. The user feedback is positive. More updates to come!

Let’s move forward

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