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Hotel Data Cloud

A hotel data management system


Hotel Database


Cloud Development


1 month



Easy data management

Hotel owners can control all the information about their properties and amenities on third-party sites with one click.

Fast updates

New and updated information in the hotel profile is instantly distributed among other services.


Project Idea

We partnered with the client to create a comprehensive database of hotel properties that would help hotel owners to control the way their business is represented on third-party websites and keep the information up-to-date.


  • Front-end developer
  • Back-end developer
  • QA engineer

A detailed description of properties

Hotel Data Cloud allows creating a detailed description of the hotel properties: the number of stars, types of rooms, contacts, loyalty cards, the closest airports, and many more, so hotel owners have full 24/7-hour control over their property listings on third-party websites.

A detailed description of properties

Easy updates

Hotel Data Cloud makes it possible to simultaneously update and distribute the details, like parking places or check-in times, on thousands of booking channels with a single click. The automation of content distribution saves thousands of hours that previously were wasted on manual uploading and now can be spent on other important tasks.

Easy updates

Multilanguage translation

With the help of Hotel Data Cloud, it’s easy to translate all the descriptions in multiple languages to your booking partners—you can request either translation or editorial support directly from within HDC.

Multilanguage translation

Technology Stack

Challenges and Solutions

The complex structure of hotel databases


All hotels have different properties, and these properties have different characteristics. Due to a large amount of various information that should have been processed and structured in the database, it was difficult to create one template for all the hotels and implement the relational database.


Our team used a NoSQL database to facilitate data processing and improve data storage efficiency.

Communication with Firebase


There was a problem with the Ruby on Rails support of Firebase.


We made a Node.js wrapper, so when Ruby on Rails needed to communicate with Firebase, Node.js was a mediator for it.


Our team created a large hotel database that helps the hotel owners to facilitate their property information management, which completely met our client’s goal. The simple and intuitive UI gives hotel owners options to enter detailed information about the hotel and easily distribute it to third-party resources, empowering the utmost quality and wide functionality of the platform.