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Advisor and ETF websites that provide users with Humankind ETF stock data and useful articles on socially responsible investments.

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January 2021 - March 2021


Corporate website






Project Idea

The client partnered with us to update their current Advisor website and to create a brand new website that will work in combination with the previous one. The main purpose of these web portals is to show investment results that correspond as closely as possible to the total return performance of the Humankind US Equity Index.

The Сlient Had

  • Old Advisor website with general recommendations on investing.

We were responsible for

  • An old Advisor website redesign
  • Building an ETF site from scratch


Project manager

Backend engineer


Frontend engineer


Here is how the Humankind project started.

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Technology Stack

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Project’s key features

ETF website

The website easily pulls stock data on a daily basis when the market opens.

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Advisor site

Thanks to Contentful, an admin can create and manage any section on the website—from titles to SEO data, as well as create articles for the blog.

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The Matomo analytics provides a wide range of tools and allows admins directly access gathered data and manage it with the help of machine learning.

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Challenges and Solutions

Implementing analytics


Most website analytics tools misinterpreted data when users moved from the Advisor site to the ETF platform.


We have implemented Matomo analytics that provides cross-domain tracking. It helps the client avoid situations when the user transition between domains is considered a new visit.

Gathering data


Ultimus API that is used on the project is not the most efficient tool for pulling data at market open time, so we had to find a way how to ensure its good performance.


We have decided to create a cron job and pull data three times a day to keep the data on the website constantly updated.

What we have now

We’ve built two fully functioning websites and continue working on new functionality.

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