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A corporate blog for the National Association of Tax Professionals. A perfect tailor-made content solution for a large organization

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2 months


Corporate Blog


Web Development


AWS, Contentful

Easy-to-use content infrastructure

All articles are optimized for Google search

All the blog posts are structured in a manageable content model

Improved page loading speed

Blog posts have tags and categories that facilitate searching

89 scores out of 100 from Google Page Speed Insights and Lighthouse

Optimized search

SEO optimization


Project Goal

The client’s website needed an advanced SEO-optimized corporate blog with unique content-adding features, yet very simple in use for both editors and readers.

The Сlient Had

  • Markdown options
  • Editor’s dashboard
  • Social media promotion
  • Approximate deadlines
  • Blog’s design

We were responsible for

  • Content infrastructure
  • Blog’s speed improvement
  • Google rendering

Our work

Here is the list of tasks that our team completed on the project to build the most suitable solution for the NATP.

  • Contentful API-first content management infrastructure
  • Added new posts’ search options: by clickable tags and by categories
  • Created the sitemap
  • Created clickable tags
  • Optimized social media sharing features
  • Added the “About” section after every blog post
  • Created the blog’s RSS feed
  • Conducted the blog’s SEO optimization
  • Extended articles’ preview when sharing via social media
  • Created the blog’s mobile version
Our work NATP
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Technology Stack

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Challenges and Solutions

Here are the most essential development challenges we faced and ways we solved them.

Content infrastructure


We needed to create a solid and neat content infrastructure to facilitate the work of content creators.


The team decided to use AWS cloud infrastructure and Contentful API-first CMS to store and work with content in one hub.

Advanced search options


In the beginning, users could only search for posts by titles. The functionality needed to be expanded.


We have extended search options by adding clickable tags and categories.


  • 89/100 scores by Google Page Speed Insights and Lighthouse
  • Advanced search options
  • New content models
  • Content preview in social media
  • Clickable tags
  • Mobile version