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Web platform for engaging the audience




A platform for conference management


2 years


Web (online/offline)

Admin panel

Control the whole conference from one place.

Broadcast view

Show all the necessary materials on the big screen.

Chair view

Participate in the discussion in real-time.

Meetings and workshops

Make an appointment with an expert.


Jot down your thoughts during the report.


Project Idea

The client came to us with the idea of creating a conference management platform with flexible functionality that would provide steady and secure work around the world, even in countries with rather heavy restrictions on Internet access like China.


UX/UI designer


QA engineer

Two front-end engineers

Back-end engineer



Technology Stack


Flexible customization

Open Sense is extremely flexible in customization. It’s possible to customize everything from the number of sections in the main menu to the color and the form of the buttons—the variety of configurations is truly enormous and can be tailored to any presentation's needs.

Offline mode

The app works offline in case there is any problem with the external server or the Internet connection. The only thing required is a computer where the app can be installed and managed, so the conference is totally secured from any unexpected crashes and awkward "technical problems" pauses.

Focus feature

The Focus feature allows the audience and the speaker to be literally on the same page. With this function, the admin can redirect all the people in the audience to the same screen so they can, for example, answer a question or take a closer look at the chart on a slide during the presentation.


Questions in a Q&A section can be automatically translated into the main language of the conference. OpenSense also makes it possible to translate the question into another language as well. For example, when the default conference language is English, the question is asked in German, and the person who wants to understand the question speaks Chinese.


Progressive Web App, or PWA, is a technology that allows a web app to function as a mobile one. Open Sense can be added as a shortcut to the main screen of the phone. Also, it can be integrated into other apps if it’s necessary.

How Opensense works

OpenSense consists of four main parts: Delegate app, Broadcast view, Chairman view, and Admin panel. The main features include Agenda, Surveys, Q&A, and Materials.


The schedule of the conference is kept on one screen. You can see all the sections and speeches without additional clicks.



Surveys allow a speaker to ask the audience questions during the report via questionnaires and polls. The question is displayed on the chair tablet and the answers are shown on the big screen.



When the report is done, this part will help people from the audience ask the questions they have for the reporter. Broadcast and answer them right away.



All files connected to the conference are stored in one place and filtered by the events. You can display them to the audience or hide them until necessary.


Challenges and Solutions

The Great Firewall of China


Due to political reasons, China blocks access to most of the external services provided by foreign companies, like Google or Facebook, which makes it impossible to use any of their products in the development.


Our team enabled the offline work of the platform which made it independent from external services. Also, we compiled the stack that functions there with a Chinese tool called Baidu for translation.

Performance and statistics processing issues


During the conference, a lot of people had to answer questions in the Surveys section at the same time. The number of simultaneous open socket connections made it hard to calculate the correct statistics of the answers.


After the manual on-site load testing, we found the bottlenecks and started simplifying the code and optimizing the socket connections to minimize the traffic.

Everything is customizable


The platform should ensure the maximum level of customization. Each element of OpenSense should be customizable to fit the conference style. Also, conference organizers should be able to activate and deactivate separate features if necessary.


Our team enabled the customization on the level of the platform’s architecture.

Convenient and understandable UI/UX


We needed to implement a lot of features and merge them with an efficient UI/UX without cluttering or overcomplicating the platform.


Multiple rounds of wireframing and prototyping have helped us find the right configuration and achieve the goal. To collect real feedback from users, we attended several conferences ourselves.


A conference management web app that met our client’s needs. Available worldwide. Already used by the client with amazing audience feedback.

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