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An iOS mobile trivia game for travel geeks

TravelTrivia is a collection of fun quizzes about travels and tourism for you to test your knowledge.

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6 months


Trivia game


Mobile App Development



Funny quizzes

Try your knowledge by answering funny quizzes divided into ten difficulty levels.

Helpful gifts

The app has two types of bonuses that help you correctly answer all the questions: lives and hints.

Lives restoration

After 24 hours, all lives are restored, so you can continue your journey through TravelTrivia’s questions.


Project Idea

Our team wanted to create an entertaining trivia game about tourism and traveling that will help people enrich their knowledge about the world and have fun.


UX designer

UI designer

Project manager

iOS engineer

iOS tech lead

Backend engineer

Backend tech lead


To make the app user-oriented, we created a series of wireframes so we can organize the correct user flow.

TravelTrivia WireframeTravelTrivia Wireframe

Technology Stack

TravelTrivia Technology Stack



TravelTrivia offers users ten levels of fun quizzes with questions about traveling, countries, cultures, and tourist destinations.

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Bonus system

Hints and lives are designed to help users answer all questions TravelTrivia. All lives are restored in 24 hours.

TravelTrivia Bonus system

We started with an MVP

Before releasing a full-scale app with extensive functionality, we decided to start with a minimum viable product to test the water and understand the target audience’s demand. The product manager together with the team scrutinized all the functionality we planned for the first release. We reduced the number of levels from 25 to 5 (now the app has 10). Also, we removed points earning and simplified the user profile.

TravelTrivia We started with an MVP

Bonus system

Despite the minimum functionality, we still implemented an admin panel so further updating will be smooth and natural. The MVP helped us collect the necessary feedback from the audience. Based on what they said, we planned new features and improvements for TraveTrivia.

TravelTrivia Resources

Challenges and Solutions

SMS authentication


We used Twilio SMS authentication for TravelTrivia, but it didn’t work with some phone numbers. It was related mostly to local mobile providers, but such a situation could happen in any other country with any other phone number.


Out team implemented Sign in with Apple to avoid the issue with SMSs, but then, in order to facilitate the TravelTrivia usage, we removed authentication at all.

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TravelTrivia is available in App Store for free. Users can buy lives and hints or activate the monthly subscription.