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Web Platform for Easy P2P Loans

A P2P lending platform that makes loan operations easy

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Project idea

Our client is a medium-sized loan firm based in New York. They approached us with the idea of a peer-to-peer platform that will make the lending process as easy as possible. Their main requirements were intuitive design, the maximum level of automation, and top-level security measures.

  • Industry: Fintech

  • Type: Web development

  • Time: Ongoing

  • Platforms: Web


About the project

Project team

  • Project manager

  • UX/UI designer

  • Two frontend engineers

  • Two backend engineers

  • QA engineer

The client had

  • The initial idea

We were responsible for

  • The platform’s design

  • Frontend development

  • Backend development

Technology stack


How Peer-to-Peer lending works


Features in detail

Secure sign up/sign in

When a lender or borrower registers on the platform, they start with a simple sign-up and onboarding. Then, users can implement two-factor authentication to secure their sign-in.

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Loan management

The loan organization pipeline looks like this: The borrower fills out the loan application,  the lender accepts it and grants the loan if they are satisfied with the offer and terms.

image 148

Online loan calculator

A borrower can enter the sum of money they need, and the calculator will show the loan period, annual percentage rate, and corresponding monthly payment amount.

image 149

Feedback form

Both borrowers and lenders can leave honest feedback about their experience to help others understand the quality, range, and returns 
of the loan.

image 150


We implemented dashboards for lenders and borrowers to easily navigate the platform and see their profile’s statistics


Challenges and solutions

User roles management

Problem: Some requests didn’t have the user access level segregated by user role. As a result, borrowers could have access to the lender’s functionality. 

Solution: We have introduced the security improvement by adding access for each request with binding to both the token and user role.


The platform is up and running. Good results of speed tests. Finished penetration testing. Positive user feedback.