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Android App Development Services

Android is the most popular mobile OS in the world. More than 1.5 billion people use it on their devices. It’s a profitable opportunity for businesses of any scale to establish clear communication with a large share of the audience. Android apps work for many industries, from e-commerce and entertainment to healthcare and insurance. The Android app developers at Yellow have the tools and experience to implement any project.

Native android app development services we provide

Here at Yellow, we embark on the full-cycle development of Android apps. We go hand in hand with our clients during the whole process, from analyzing the idea and market requirements to prototyping and development to launch and maintenance.

Android App Prototyping

A prototype is a rough draft of the project. It depicts the app’s main functionality without distracting design elements. It will help you and the team see if the audience will understand how to work with your application.

Android App UI/UX Design

The number of screen sizes and configurations that use the Android platform is huge. An android app has to function properly on all of them without glitches, overlappings, or any other issues, and Yellow is ready to assure it.

Android App Development

We have top-notch talents on our side and use the most trusted tools to ensure top-notch Android app development services. It allows the Yellow team to create the most suitable solutions for our clients. We put business needs first and adapt the coding process to your business needs.

Android App Testing

To ensure that the application will work smoothly on all Android devices, our developers go through the cross-review process and our QA specialists apply several testing types to all parts of the code.

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Android mobile app development process

Yellow’s organized Android app development process will help you achieve the desired results and address your audience’s needs. No shady processes, no hidden fees. We are always transparent about the process and communicate with you on a daily basis. Our specialists will build an Android app that will help you reach your business goal.

1. Idea

Yellow’s specialists are ready to discuss your idea with you and polish it so it will fit the market like a piece of a puzzle.

2. Research

We analyze your most prominent competitors in the Play Market and examine the market needs to choose appropriate tools.

3. Prototype

At this stage, we create a draft of your future Android app to understand that we all are on the same page.

4. Design

Designing an Android app is a subjective process, but our design team put all their expertise into creating a perfect solution.

5. Develop

Our team of developers uses the most trusted technologies for Android app development like Java, Kotlin, and React.

6. Review

With the help of cross-review, we ensure that the code we wrote is understandable and performs its task correctly.

7. Test

QA specialists at Yellow apply both automated and manual testing methods to detect bugs and bottlenecks and fix them.

8. Launch

Besides helping you release your Android app in the Play Market, our team stays on the project for post-release support and updating if needed.

Industries We Serve

Our development team creates complex and multifunctional apps and provides Android app development services to a vast scope of business areas:


Social media

Artificial Intelligence

Health & Fitness

Booking & Travel


Reasons to hire an Android app development company

Here is how Android developers from Yellow can help your project.

Business before technology

Coding is not the limit. Our Android app development goes beyond and the team looks at the big picture to take all your business needs into account.

Product lab

Our team creates our own products. It gives us insights into the whole product lifecycle so we can apply this expertise to other projects.

Everything is secure

Before we jump onto your project, we sign the non-disclosure agreement with you so the data is safe and secure.

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Answering questions

Why does my business need Android app development?

Statista claims that in 2021, the number of Android users reached 131 million people in the US only. Around the world, there are 2.5 billion people in 190 countries who use Android devices daily. Creating an Android app allows you to reach these people with what you offer.

Is my data protected?

Sure! We sign up for an NDA with you and follow all security protocols to keep your data safe.

Why choose Yellow for Android development?

We put the needs of your business first and guide you through the whole Android app development process so the final result will be welcomed by your target audience.

Do you provide post-launch services?

Yes, after the app is launched, we stay with you as long as needed to provide full maintenance.

How much will it cost to build an Android app?

The costs of the Android app development process will depend on many factors: the industry you are in, the list of features needed, the tech stack, and other specifications. Please feel free to contact our specialist and receive an estimate of your project.

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