Twilio SIGNAL 2019 or How We Rocked San Francisco!

How the Yellow team visited Twilio SIGNAL 2019 in San Francisco, and why we enjoyed it so much!

Twilio SIGNAL 2019 or How We Rocked San Francisco!

August 6-7, the Yellow team visited Twilio SIGNAL 2019, Twilio’s annual customer and developer conference that is held in San Francisco, California.

During those two days, we discussed the growing opportunities of communications technology for business with Twilio’s experts and fellow users. Our team just couldn’t miss the opportunity to take part in such an event!

So, what were we up to in San Francisco?

San Francisco vibes

We really enjoyed being a part of Twilio’s event, presenting our booth in the lounge, and hanging out with fellow techies from around the world. The organizers of the conference did a very good job by bringing lots of cool people together and being extremely helpful throughout the event!

The conference's new location in Moscone West is more spacious compared to last year's location

How we rocked the Conference with our CandyBot

We certainly didn't go to San Francisco with empty hands! We took our new fun device called CandyBot. With CandyBot, you can send a text message to a certain phone number and receive M&M’s candy!

Indeed, the making of CandyBot required specific creative thinking skills. We made the device with the help of Twilio Narrowband and an automatic pet feeder…

The tech crowd enjoyed CandyBot to the fullest. About 300 people got some M&M’s! Fellow participants even brought their friends from the remote halls.

Tech cooperation and networking

We liked the fact that Twilio is very “developer-friendly” and launches regular events to share its valuable experience. Recently, the company has announced Twilio Build enhancements coming in the latter half of 2019 and continuing into 2020.

In addition to that, the company has shown spectacular growth for the last five years. For example, Twilio’s revenue for the quarter ending June 30, 2019 was $0.275B, which is an 86.15% increase year-over-year. We believe Twilio has a great future!

Twilio's conference proved to be a great place for making valuable connections. We met Twilio's co-founder and CEO Jeff Lawson!

Conference thoughts

As techies from around the globe shared their ideas on the future of communication technologies, we agree that more and more software will be related to communication. We also confirm that more companies will need real time analysis to succeed.

Some good news announced at the conference was that Autopilot, a tool for building chatbots, is now available for everyone!

Yellow's CEO Mitya and CTO Kirill make new contacts at the conference.

After party!

At the closing day, there was an after party with the rapper Macklemore, whose hits include ‘Thrift Shop' and 'Can't Hold Us'. Apart from being a musician, Macklemore is also a social activist. He is an advocate for racial tolerance and social justice.

Macklemore closed the conference with his best songs!

Overall, Twilio SIGNAL 2019 was a valuable experience for our team. Btw, we’ve already started preparing another amazing device to present at Twilio SIGNAL 2020…

See you next year!

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