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November 9, 2018


Want to know what the three days at the Web Summit in Lisbon felt like? Spoiler: it was legen-wait-for-it… dary!

Web Summit 2018 was a truly unique experience for our minds, souls—and even bodies.

Three days before the official events, the event welcomed a group of pre-registered conference participants at the Surf Summit, a wonderful retreat near the town of Ericeira, with mountain biking, surfing, yoga, and insightful stories told by professional surfers. An ideal place to get ready for the busy summit schedule, isn’t it?

Our CEO Mitya was also among the lucky ones who embarked on a surfing adventure. He even got filmed by local TV cameras covering the event!

During the Surf Summit, Mitya became a local TV star :)


From the first day of the summit, we took advantage of every spare minute to listen to a lecture or talk about top-notch tech inventions. Machine learning was one of the most popular topics among the speakers.

As we at Yellow are deeply into learning, we tried to never miss a single lecture.

This is IBM Q—a prototype of the first Cloud quantum computer.


On the second day of the Web Summit, we took part in the exhibition with our pet product Stickerbox, an AI-based app for transforming photos into fun stickers. It was amazing to see people smiling happily as we showed them Stickerbox in action.

Happy users — this is what we work for!

Just a smiling Stickerbox logo with the Web Summit in the background :)


Though our summit schedule was really tight, a little party never killed anyone! :) We must admit, we were regular visitors at the Night Summit, a special event for after-hours networking, held at the local pubs. It felt so warm and natural to simply drink beer, laugh, and talk with fellow techies from all around the globe. Now, we can safely state that pubs are the best place for networking :)

Feel the vibes of the Night Summit in Lisbon

We'll be back, sunny Lisbon! We’ll be back very soon…


We were so very happy to spend three days among the planet’s best tech minds, exhibit our product, and discuss great ideas that will definitely make the world a better place.

We are on our way back home now...we already miss Lisbon and are making plans for the Web Summit 2019 edition.

Good-bye, Lisbon! See you soon!


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