Yellow Receives 20 Positive Reviews on

Here at Yellow, our team is truly happy to receive such positive feedback!

Yellow Receives 20 Positive Reviews on

When your company works in a business area that requires close communication with customers, their feedback on your performance becomes a top priority. 

Our team is happy to announce that Yellow has received 20 positive reviews and now owns an incredible five-star rating on 

Clutch is a Washington, DC-based B2B market research company. Ratings there are based on client reviews, and Clutch guarantees the reviews are always honest and cannot be altered by a company’s representatives. This makes the platform truly useful for people looking for a company to help with web and mobile development, SEO services, or marketing solutions.

“We’re pleased to receive so much positive feedback from our clients. Here at Yellow, we always find a personal approach to each client’s needs and work closely with them to create a product that will completely suit their market. Our team puts their entire expertise and passion into every development project, and kind words like these will motivate us to continue this in the future.”
— Mitya Smusin, Founder of Yellow

It’s important for customer-oriented companies to receive honest and detailed feedback from their clients, and Yellow is no exception. This feedback helps us upgrade our strengths and correct our weaknesses. We are thankful to all our clients whose words will continue to inspire us to work, create, and evolve!

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