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How To Get ChatGPT To Read A PDF Header

September 6, 2023

How To Get ChatGPT To Read A PDF

The article is a small and handy guide on how to get ChatGPT to read a PDF and how you can benefit from it.

Alex Drozdov

Software Implementation Consultant

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has greatly facilitated our use of digital resources and improved the quality of our lives. Having this reliable friend makes it much simpler to deal with everyday and professional tasks like reminders about meetings, essay writing, and data extraction. However, have you ever wished you could get ChatGPT to open PDF files? Let's check out this handy trick that will save you time and cut off your workload. 

What is ChatGPT?

But before we pass on to discover how to get ChatGPT to read a PDF, let’s briefly define what GPT is. Simply put, ChatGPT is an AI-powered natural language processing tool that enables conversational interactions with the chatbot in a variety of contexts. The language model can help with writing emails, articles, and even coding. ChatGPT allows you to engage in human-like conversations, ask questions, and get short and helpful answers. 

What Is ChatGPT

Benefits of Using ChatGPT for PDF Analysis

Now, you may wonder if you need ChatGPT to study PDFs. Absolutely! It's your passport to simplicity and time-saving.

Imagine yourself as a professional digging through piles of company records or as a student reading lengthy PDFs to answer a single question. This is where ChatGPT comes in handy. You just engage in a conversation with this chatbot, give it data and that’s it. Enjoy. 

What other benefits? Let’s explore together!

Benefits of ChatGPT

Accurate Text Extraction

To begin with, we cannot deny the fact that our minds are sometimes too overloaded to conduct accurate text extraction and then analyze and highlight the text's key points. When using ChatGPT to read a PDF, you can be confident that the extracted text will be accurate and completely in line with your specifications. Moreover, its ability to understand and explain key points from the text it has extracted can make it even more useful. It can sort through the text to find the most relevant and important information and highlight it as well as turn long paragraphs into short, useful summaries. This function not only saves time but also makes it easier to understand important ideas faster, which is especially helpful when working with a lot of information.

Natural Language Interaction

Secondly, you can interact with ChatGPT as naturally as you would with a friend or colleague by expressing your needs and questions in everyday language. This human-like interaction style simplifies the process of data extraction from PDFs by eliminating the need for specialized commands or technical jargon. 

For example, you can simply ask, “Could you please summarize the key points from the PDF on how to write an e-book?” In response to a question, ChatGPT would employ NLP capabilities, analyze the provided PDF, extract the relevant information, and summarize its key points for the user. This method of contact is smooth and easy to use, so people can quickly find the information they need without having to learn complicated technical skills or search methods.

Natural Language Interaction

Flexibility with Document Types

It doesn't matter if the PDF you're working with is a school textbook, a business report, or a research paper because ChatGPT is versatile enough to manage a variety of document types. The model has been trained to understand all of the fields and subtleties that these document types may contain. For instance, if you provided the chatbot with a PDF of a cybersecurity academic research paper, it would be able to conduct a thorough document processing and figure out the terminology, identify research methodologies, and summarize the paper's outcomes. Similarly, ChatGPT might decode legal language, comprehend clauses, and provide a summary of the agreement's terms when presented with a PDF of a contract.

Time and Effort Efficiency

Manually reading and summarizing text from PDFs can be time-consuming. ChatGPT saves the day by quickly assessing and summarizing information, saving you a substantial amount of time and effort. Simply ask ChatGPT to extract the data you require, and you're done! Instead of spending hours reading it page by page, you'll have all of the information retrieved and analyzed. This seamless interface enables you to use AI to optimize your workflow. As you interact with ChatGPT more, its grasp of your preferences and the intricacies of your queries will grow, potentially increasing the efficiency of data extraction over time.

Consistent and Reliable Results

One of the most compelling features of Artificial intelligence (AI) is its capacity to consistently generate accurate results. The precision of ChatGPT remains consistent even when handling documents that are lengthy or intricate, rendering it a highly beneficial instrument for guaranteeing the quality and dependability of content extraction and analysis.

When confronted with lengthy documents, ChatGPT shows an ongoing stress on diligence, hence guaranteeing precise extraction and comprehension of the supplied information. It displays constant improvement, diligently scrutinizing every facet, be it a lengthy research paper full of sophisticated data or a complex legal contract.

Seamless Integration and Customization

There is no need for complicated setups or technological know-how to integrate ChatGPT into your processes. ChatGPT is available via intuitive interfaces, APIs, or platforms built for simple integration, making it ideal for use whether you're working alone or in a team. In addition, you may train ChatGPT to get to know you and remember your preferences, commands, and even specific scenarios. With this customization, you can rest assured that the AI will remember your preferences and meet your needs every time. ChatGPT is flexible enough to meet your demands, improving your workflows and assisting you in a variety of situations, from precise data extraction and summarization to domain-specific insights.

Steps to Read PDFs with ChatGPT

We've arrived at the most challenging aspect of enabling ChatGPT to read PDFs. At present, the ability to attach files is not available. So, how to make ChatGPT read pdf? Below, are the main steps you need to take before asking the chatbot to help you out:

Steps to Read PDF with ChatGPT

Preparing the PDF document for analysis

The first step is to create a “treasure hunt map”. Make sure your PDF is readable and clear.  Check once again it's well-organized and the language used is accessible (apart from any specialized terms). Now, you can pass to the main step. 

Converting the PDF into a readable format for ChatGPT

As we’ve already mentioned there is no layout recognition feature available and thus ChatGPT prefers reading words, not pictures, files, or any fancy designs. So, how can ChatGPT read pdf files? Simply put, you need document conversion to change the PDF into something the chatbot can easily understand. Some of the possible methods include: 

  • Supplying ChatGPT With a URL: Open your PDF with your browser, copy the URL, and paste it to ChatGPT incorporating the command you need.

  • Copying the Text From the PDF: Another handy method is to copy the PDF's text and paste it into the chat. Add specific commands and you're done.

  • Converting the PDF Into a Text Document: Last but not least, you can change your PDF into a text document and paste the text into ChatGPT to use its prompts to achieve your goals.

Interacting with ChatGPT to extract information from the PDF

Now it's time to have fun. You can talk to ChatGPT in the same way that you talk to your friends. You can ask things like, “Hey, ChatGPT, read this PDF and highlight key points!” or “Can you tell me what's most important?” What do you know? You'll get instant replies that summarize the key points and all the relevant info you need. 

Post-processing and refining the results

Post-processing and refining the results

While ChatGPT is highly adept at generating responses, it still operates based on training data-learned patterns. This implies that in some instances, the responses may not be wholly accurate or may lack a nuanced understanding of the specific context. Thus, sometimes you just need to run a data refinement and fix the given data. As well as you can give the chatbot more data for contextual understanding and train it to give more accurate responses next time. 

Enhancing the extracted data with additional tools or software

Last but not least, you can use extra software or tools to boost the NLP information retrieval and enhance its accuracy and value. Let's say you're a market analyst whose job it is to compile and examine data on customer satisfaction levels gathered from a variety of channels. You have used ChatGPT to gather reviewers' textual comments from PDFs. Later, you decide to employ an automated analysis tool, such as reporting software, to compile reports that include the extracted reviews, sentiment ratings, and visualization to gain a greater understanding of this data. These reports can be distributed to team members further for use in group decision-making.

How Yellow can help you?

Yellow will lead you through incorporating ChatGPT into your organizational system from creating AI-powered virtual assistants to using the whole pack of ChatGPT features. Our expert team will work closely with you to understand your unique industry requirements and develop a tailored integration plan that aligns with your goals. 


Using ChatGPT for a quick PDF reading is like having a super-smart buddy. You get your PDF read and analyzed, turn it into words, chat with ChatGPT, fix the answers if needed, and use extra tools to understand more. So, next time you have a PDF full of info, you know how to make ChatGPT your reading partner.

🤖 Can ChatGPT extract text from scanned or image-based PDFs?

No, ChatGPT cannot extract text directly from scanned or image-based PDFs. You must convert the text to a readable format before getting ChatGPT to work on it.

🤖 What if the PDF contains sensitive or confidential information?

If the PDF contains sensitive or confidential information, you should take precautions before using ChatGPT. This could involve encrypting the PDF or deleting sensitive data from the PDF.

🤖 Are there any limitations or file size restrictions when using ChatGPT with PDFs?

When using ChatGPT with PDFs, there are no constraints or file size restrictions. The accuracy of the results, however, may be influenced by the quality of the PDF. The results may be less accurate if the PDF is of poor quality or contains a lot of data.

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