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AI Software development services

Artificial intelligence is booming. Today, it’s hard to find a person who would know nothing about AI. Businesses use this technology to their advantage so they can explore new possibilities and reduce human error.

Yellow is an artificial intelligence software development company with 7+ years of experience. Our specialists will provide you with their experience and skills to build a successful AI solution.

AI software development services we provide

Here is a list of AI software development services Yellow can give you a hand with.

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing (NLP) solutions are capable of understanding and analyzing written text and speech. This AI development service can be used to build voice assistants, gather data about meaning and emotions, and build a more efficient communication strategy.

Custom AI applications

Whether you want to analyze medical data, prepare a recommendation list for users, predict prices for sales and marketing strategy, and reach any other of your business goals, our specialists will analyze your requirements and create a perfect custom solution for them.

Computer vision

Computer vision works almost like a human eye. It enables a machine to identify, process, recognize, and understand all types of objects in images and videos. Yellow’s AI software developers will help you integrate computer vision into your application, website, or platform.

Data analytics

The process of structuring and analyzing data can be significantly sped up by implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. AI development will ensure you receive valuable insights and get organized reports with ease.

Neural networks

Like computer vision mimics the human eye, neural networks mimic the human brain. A neural network is a set of algorithms that is trained to notice underlying relationships in data and conduct predictive analysis. Yellow is ready to provide you with this AI software development service and help you build an NN.


Our artificial intelligence developers are experienced in building AI-based chatbots for websites and mobile apps. A chatbot empowered by AI algorithms can boost your customer service’s productivity and positively affect user experience.

Аrtificial Intelligence software development: reasons to choose

So, why AI? What makes this technology so useful? Here are the reasons for your business to consider artificial intelligence software development services.

Process automation

An artificial intelligence solution can help automate routine and repetitive tasks making work less tedious for employees and optimizing their productivity.

Increased efficiency

Introducing an AI-based tool to your business can improve the efficiency of your staff and streamline all the processes.

Minimizing human error

AI software development solutions can’t be affected by factors like emotions, sleepiness, or burnout, thus the risk of human error is minimized.

Saving money

Optimizing processes, automating tedious tasks, and reducing the human error risk will result in cutting unnecessary costs in the long run.

Predictive analysis

Artificial intelligence can assist you in predicting market changes and shifts in trends for you to be one step ahead of your competitors.

Custom solution

A tailored AI development service will solve your business problem in the most precise manner without additional expenses.

Artificial intelligence at your service

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The process of AI development

AI software developers at Yellow use a proven strategy and agile development process to build intelligent solutions. We value transparency and flexibility that allows us to deliver tailored software your business truly needs.

1. Discovery

1. Discovery

1. Discovery

When you come to us with your idea, we start our work by analyzing your requirements, goals, and practicability of the project. This step helps both sides: You can polish your idea and clarify your demands and we will set clear directions, understand your business, and estimate the project’s timeline and costs.

2. Data Exploration

2. Data Exploration

2. Data Exploration

The second step is exploratory data analysis (or EDA). Our team of AI engineers conducts research where they delve into your existing datasets and infrastructure to identify whether it will be enough for the project. Then, they clean the data and research ways to use it as efficiently as possible.

3. Development

3. Development

3. Development

If the project is planned to be large and complex, we can start with a small-scale test version to make sure the final model will work as it should. When the concept is proved to be functional, we move to full-scale development. We work with two-week sprints and report the work daily. Once a week we have a call with you to stay on the same page.

4. Testing

4. Testing

4. Testing

Once the development process is finished, our quality assurance specialists perform a wide range of tests to make sure the final version of the model works like clockwork. If there is anything that needs to be fixed or improved, we will quickly resolve the issues to release the solution on time.

5. Deployment

5. Deployment

5. Deployment

When all the previous steps are completed, our team integrates the artificial intelligence solution into your infrastructure. Now, you can start using it and take all the benefits an AI solution can give you. Track the changes in your business performance and enjoy the progress.

6. Support and Maintenance

6. Support and Maintenance

6. Support and Maintenance

Even though the deployment may seem like a logical conclusion to the AI development process, the model should now be closely monitored so you can immediately see if something is going wrong. Yellow is an AI software development solutions company that will provide complete support for the deployed model If it needs any bug-fixing or updates.

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Why choose Yellow for AI software development

Product lab

Our team has experience in building our own AI-based apps from scratch and following them through the whole product life cycle. The knowledge of the business side helps us better understand your needs and goals and be on the same page during the development.

Business before technology

As an AI development company that creates its own apps, we consider your business needs as the main driving force of development. We don’t design and code just for the sake of design and code, we build a solution tailored to the specific needs of your business.


No vague contracts, no murky processes. Our specialists don’t disappear for half a year and then come back to you with an AI model that doesn’t fit your business at all. We always keep you in the loop: The team posts daily standups about the work done. Also, we make weekly calls for more detailed updates.


Before any type of work starts, we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you. You can clarify what information to consider confidential and how to use it. That way, all the sensitive data related to your project stays legally protected.

Answering questions

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the capability of synthetic computer algorithms to learn and act similar to the human mind. Besides the practical definition, it’s also a branch of computer science that studies various theories and hypotheses regarding “thinking machines.”

How can AI benefit my business?

AI software development can benefit your business in the following ways: automation of routine and tedious processes, increasing efficiency, reducing the chance of human error, saving money, conducting predictive analysis to forecast market changes, and tailored solutions.

What makes Yellow different?

Yellow is an AI software development company that has created its own AI-based solutions to understand product lifecycle. Also, we value a business-first approach, transparency, and security.

Does my data stay protected with you?

Yes! We sign an NDA with you to make sure your data stays safe with us.

How much will it cost to implement AI on my app/website?

Implementing artificial intelligence is a complex process that will require different resources for different projects. Feel free to contact us to get an estimate.

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