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10 Best Chatbot Examples to Improve Customer

August 18, 2021

10 Best Chatbot Examples to Improve Customer Service in 2023

Do you want to find the best chatbots online and see how many different things that they can do? We already did it! Join us to share our passion for chatbots and tech in our latest article:)

Dasha Rizoy

Head of Business Development

While accessing some websites, you can see pop-up windows with assistants politely offering you help in finding the right place for your event, suitable courses, placing an order, navigating you through the page, or simply asking if you have any questions. If you try to talk to them, you can very often catch yourself a bit out of place due to the fact that they may sound "not completely human."

In fact, there are no living people behind these windows. Chatbots and virtual assistants are rapidly filling the niche of customer service. They are fairly easy to use for customers and less costly for companies than hiring someone. In this article, we will talk about the 10 best chatbot examples to improve customer service.

What is a customer service chatbot?

A chatbot is a software program or an AI-based service that conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. It usually communicates on behalf of a company or brand in order to simplify online communication (to provide up-to-date information in the shortest possible time) and it's used as an alternative to email or call a company representative.

The two most common types of chatbots are rule-based and AI-based. Rule-based chatbots are limited with their responses by scripts and can answer only certain queries. AI-based chatbots are more sophisticated since they are empowered neural network algorithms. When they receive a query, they analyze all the data and scenarios they already have and give the most suitable response. Also, they can be proactive and start the conversation first. It bases the first line on the user’s activity on the website.

How do chatbots work?

Chatbots work with "live" language, and the processing of this language–a special conversational style–is an actual problem of artificial intelligence. Because of that, modern chatbots only attempt to imitate a reasonable dialog between the person and the machine.

Like any intellectual system, a chatbot has a knowledge base. In the simplest case, it's a set of possible questions from users and their corresponding answers. The most common methods for selecting an answer, in this case, are the following:

  • Response to keywords: If the chatbot recognizes a certain word in your message, it answers in a corresponding manner. For example, if you use family titles (‘mother’, ‘father’), the program may support the conversation by asking you about your own family.
  • Phrase matching: This refers to the similarity of a user's phrase with those contained in the database. If there is a match, the chatbot reacts.
  • Context match: You may be asked not to use phrases saturated with pronouns, such as: “What is this?” For a correct answer, some programs can analyze the user's previous phrases and choose the appropriate answer.

Chatbot customer service statistics

The ability of chatbots to collect necessary information and provide a fast personalized response didn’t stay away from businesses. They implement them all over their websites or apps to get the most valuable feedback from customers.

Several studies prove that the effort is definitely paying off. IBM says chatbots can save up to 30% of the budget spent on customer service. Chatbots are able to answer 80% of ordinary questions so they can automate a huge share of routine. Also, 64% of companies beleive that chatbots provide their customers with more personalized experience, Statista states.

Customers also find chatbots useful. According to Drift, “24 hour service” became the most notable benefit of a chatbot on a website. Besides availability, users appreciate timely response to both complex and simple queries and getting detailed and relatable answers.

Advantages of chatbots in customer service

It may still be not clear what makes this piece of software so advantageous for customer service. Actually, there are several positive outcomes that a chatbot can bring to your customer service:

  • Chatbots are fast. Unlike live agents whose answers usually take minutes or hours depending on the load, chatbots respond to customers’ queries in seconds. Besides, they are available 24/7. It makes the customer experience a lot better.
  • Chatbots are engaging. Since a lot of chatbots can start the dialog themselves based on the user’s activity, they become a great tool for collecting feedback and leading a customer to a purchase decision.
  • Chatbots are cost-effective. Sure, an AI-based chatbot still cannot replace humans in customer service. Some issues are too complicated for AI algorithms. Still, one chatbot can perform tasks of several live agents, so you can optimize and automate your customer service.

We collected 10 examples of businesses that already saw these benefits and now upgrading their chatbots.

Top 10 best chatbot examples

1. T-mobile

chatbot to sale mobile phones

This one heads our list of top chatbots. The German company T-mobile uses the chatbot Tinka to sell mobile phones. By connecting to the chat, the user starts receiving a stream of messages about the company itself and its goods, but if a person needs more information, they can start chatting with an actual person. Using chatbots, T-mobile was able to increase retargeting three times (compared to the email list), and sales—seven times.

2. Amy

chatbot for planning

This bot was launched in 2014 by company, and since then it has proved itself as one of the best chatbots for planning and scheduling. Amy can deal with all the types of upcoming arrangements, from working hours and phone calls from investors to the presentation of a new product and happy hour with your colleagues.

Amy is convenient to use both in business and in daily life because she lets the user connect multiple calendars, lead time protection (no surprises at the last minute), and negotiate meetings with multiple participants. Amy has many features of a consistent personality, and she will accompany you throughout the day, reminding you about the most important things that you may forget.

3. Wayblazer

travel chatbot

Sooner or later, everyone gets tired of their work and the day-to-day routine. The most pleasurable way out of it is going on a trip, preferably to some sunny place with sandy beaches and a warm sea. Another situation–newlyweds seek a place for the honeymoon of their dreams. No matter what the circumstances are, the last thing people want to do during their holidays is to get stressed out from organizational issues.

Here is where Wayblazer comes in, as the best AI chatbot in this sphere whose main purpose is to offer personalized recommendations to travelers. With the help of it, you can quickly find the best destinations for your journey and all the other necessary stuff, such as packages, hotels, cruises, tours, vacation rentals, and more.

4. Hub Spot

email marketing сhatbot

Hub Spot is an American developer of CRM and email marketing for small and medium businesses, and their audience is awfully wide. Therefore, to select or develop a product for a particular client, the company offered to fill out a huge form on its website with the description of the business. However, that didn’t succeed very well. Then, the company created chatbot that simplified the questioning: clients are asked main questions in the form of short messages so that they willingly answer them. Today, the format of the messenger is more popular and familiar than filling in the blanks. As a result, the accuracy of the questionnaire increased, and the company was able to offer more customized products to clients.

5. Robot Vera

HR bot

Vera is an HR bot. In a few minutes, she can make a selection of 5 recruitment websites according to the requirements. All you need is to enter a short request and see how many active candidates there are on the largest job search sites. Moreover, Vera can call candidates, recognize their speeches, and interview them. Vera can also send a job description to candidates by mail and conduct a video interview with them.

6. Growthbot

marketing analysis chatbot

As a platform for implementing chatbots, Facebook Messenger helped a lot of effective and fruitful projects, including Growthbot. It's irreplaceable for the quick marketing analysis of a particular online company. It helps to learn the organization’s statistics such as with which social media it works and what traffic is on its official website. For analysis, Growthbot uses Google Universal Analytics, Perfect Audience, Optimizely, and other services.

You can ask the bot to show how organic the traffic of the website is, show the most readable materials of the selected resource, find articles on the topic, and even "show something funny." There is also a version for the Slack messenger.

7. Unicorn Bay

stock exchanges bot

One of the most advanced chatbots for Telegram will help you when you need information about the stock market and have no time to google it. This guy has information about all of the changes on the stock exchanges (and updates every 15 minutes). An indispensable bot for traders as well as those who work with foreign customers.

A bot can download statistics about a company whose shares are traded on the exchange and it provides information on more than 20 exchanges worldwide.

8. Starbucks Barista bot

starbucks bot

This digital friend of ours can certainly be called the best online chatbot for true coffee lovers. The Starbucks Barista bot for Facebook Messenger serves one of the most valuable purposes in the world: It orders you coffee. That is the greatest way to get a piece of your morning fuel without any interaction with actual people.

9. Golden State Warriors

sport bot

Golden State Warriors is an American basketball team that created a chat for its members. The team has created a chatbot that sends the current score to its members during the game and supports a video chat for people to watch the game with friends. Before the start of the game, a huge QR code is set, viewers can scan it, and then immediately start a conversation with the chatbot. Through the bot, it's also possible to promote and sell tickets. In the first two months, the chatbot scored 40,000 users.

10. YouDrive bot

car sharing bot

The YouDrive bot was created by the car-sharing company's full-time developers. Scenarios and functions were developed after analyzing customer requests through other communication channels—telephone, mail, and social networks.

The purpose of the bot is to make the process of notifying problems with a car or rent simple and convenient for the client as well as to increase the speed of processing requests by service staff and reduce the waiting time for the client.

First, the bot offers instant solutions to various issues: from “how to start the car” to “what to do if I got into an accident.”

Second, it distributes users’ requests by responsible employees: each type of request is sent to the appropriate department for a prompt solution to the problem.

Final Thoughts

The 21st century is a century of constant change. What used to be considered a "technological revolution" today is sinking in a strong evolutionary stream. In light of globalization, none of the industries can change separately from the others, as everything is interconnected.

The constant development of the tech sphere gives an incredible impulse to all other areas of human life: medicine, education, marketing, manufacturing, and economics. The list is endless. The skyrocketing of the application of artificial intelligence made a miracle happen: it allowed for creating a universal, cheap, user-friendly, and profitable tool for communicating with people that makes life easy for companies and clients alike.

best chatbot ever

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🤖 What is a customer service chatbot?

A customer service chatbot is a software program or an AI-based service that conducts a conversation with customers via audio or text messages.

🤖 Why are they so popular?

Businesses claim that chatbots provide faster and more personalized communication with customers.

🤖 What are the benefits of chatbots for customer service?

They are fast, engaging, and save money on customer service.

🤖 What are the best examples of customer service chatbots?

They are T-mobile, Amy, Wayblazer, Hub Spot, Robot Vera, Growthbot, Unicorn Bay, Starbucks Barista bot, Golden State Warriors, and YouDrive bot.

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