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Custom chat app development company

People and businesses want instant communication because it’s fast, easy, and real-time. So, it would be hard to imagine life without messengers since they help us stay in touch with our friends, family, and colleagues.

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Yellow has more than five years of dedication to the development of chat apps.

In the process, we've accrued vast experience in the development of secure and high-tech online communication systems for various industries, including corporate chat apps for optimized workflow, family-oriented solutions, and avenues for meeting new people.

If you have a great idea and want to turn it into a reality, we're the team for you! 🔥

What kinds of chat apps do we develop?

The answer is simple: We do them all! When it comes to chat apps and technology, the experts at Yellow are market leaders. We delve into the specifics of the client's business and help implement the most suitable solutions at the highest ratio of performance to cost.


You can easily stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. Share text and multimedia messages, make audio and video calls, and much more.


A great opportunity to connect with your customers. It makes communication clearer, and the buying process goes much easier.

Customer Service

With a customer service chat, you will display the willingness to help customers with their issues and solve them as quickly as possible.

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Advantages of a chat app development

If you're still wondering if your business needs a chat app, here are the main benefits of instant messages both for you and users:

Real-time communication

Faster support

Improved productivity

Low communication barrier

File storage and sharing

Higher conversion rates

The most important features in a chat app

The application features you'll need are based on your goals. So, feature development is critical because other factors — such as the time, cost, and technology stack — will depend on it. Our team is ready to help incorporate the features you really need and identify those that can wait for later.


This function is the core of any chat app. Users should be able to send text messages to each other, edit them if necessary, and search among all chats and messages for necessary information. Smooth and fast messaging is key.

Audio and video calls

The popularity of calling integration in chat apps continues to grow. It helps users save money on mobile calls and talk to each other in real-time. Group calling is useful too, especially for working teams and circles of friends.

Group chats

As with group calls, group chats let users keep up with their friends and loved ones. Family members can communicate over distances and time zones, friends can share funny videos and memes, and colleagues can discuss important topics.


Funny, emotional pictures make even the simplest message more fun. They help people convey their emotions more readily, so communication becomes more colorful. Also, your personalized stickers can become a desirable feature among users.

Cloud storage and backup

No one likes their device being clogged with cache, but everyone wants to have constant access to messages. Cloud storage makes all of your texts and files available from any device without robbing you of valuable space.

Voice and video attachments

Your messenger should also be able to send any of various attachments, including audio, video, documents, maps, and other types of custom attachments that are relevant to a particular chat-app case.


Chatbots make chat applications more user-friendly and intuitive. They’re able to cover repetitive tasks for the team and help businesses conduct marketing campaigns. It’s also possible to leverage chatbots with automatic or smart answers.

Link preview

Users will be thrilled with your implementation of this feature. When one person sends a link to another, a chat app shows a small preview with a page title and some of the content, such as text and/or an image.

Security and privacy

Today, guaranteed data security is a strong motivation for users to choose chat apps. Sophisticated encryption shields confidential information from attackers and makes your app the one to trust.

Statuses and typing indicators

The feature of statuses to users is another contribution to user-friendliness in a chat app. Users should see the message statuses like “sent,” “seen,” “read,” “edited,” and understand if the person on the other end is typing or not.

What technologies do we use for chat app development?

Our team always gives preference to the most cutting-edge and reliable technologies and integrations.

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