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Fonts Changer – A Simple Way to Express Yourself

May 20, 2020

Fonts Changer – A Simple Way to Express Yourself

Everyone wants their social media profiles and messages to look unique and captivating. This applies even more to business profiles, where attracting more users is essential for success. How to make your accounts more catchy? Change the fonts in them!

Fonts have the power to boost the impact of a word, a phrase, or even an entire sentence. They can alter the reading experience, catch the attention of the reader, and make a vivid impression about a person or brand. Beyond that, many people have their own preferred fonts for reading and writing. This is why demand for font apps is on the rise around the world.

Fonts are inseparable from display technology and media. By technology, we mean paper, ink, printing presses, screens, and so on. Technology has long defined the appearance of text written with its help and still affects it very much. Some fonts arose to fit into the technology of their time or because new technology was being created. The amazing variety of nearly cost-free fonts available on modern screens today would be unthinkable in a newspaper a century ago.

Just like emojis, keyboards with different fonts for the iPhone and iPad can make your messages more captivating and original. You can use various fonts to accent different words and phrases.

So, what if we told you there is an app that lets you express your personality and accent your text with just a few clicks? Fonts Changer gives you that ability. 

So what is it?

Fonts Changer, with its simple name, is a fantastic tool for iPhone personalization that lets you communicate better through really attractive and memorable text. 

The main goals of the app are:

  • To add spice to your conversations. If you communicate a lot on social networks, you can add in more fun fonts, express your feelings more vividly, and showcase your personality.
  • To decorate your social network profiles
  • To create beautiful Instagram posts that arouse interest and attract more people to your personal and business accounts

How it works

Fonts Changer is a kind of wrapper, an extension to the default iPhone keyboard. It works quite simply: you download it, open it, enable the keyboard in your phone’s settings, and that’s it! There’s no need to turn on the app each time you use it.

Here are the main features of Fonts Changer that distinguish it from similar apps:

  • It has 22 fonts to choose from, including gothic letters, letters in squares or circles, comic-style fonts, and even inverted letters.
  • The fonts are displayed on the keys of the keyboard itself, not just in the input window.
  • You can use the keyboard in any text-input application, from social networks to notes.

Why Fonts Changer?

One of the main advantages of the app is its approach to using fonts. We have made sure that all fonts display correctly on both mobile devices and in web versions of the user's profiles. The app contains only proven fonts that will definitely display equally well on all devices.

Speaking of devices, our team has paid great attention to the issue of stylization for the default iOS keyboard. This means that with Fonts Changer installed, the keyboard almost totally replicates the design of the default keyboard. We wanted to make using new fonts more convenient without changing the look and feel of the iOS keyboard.


Our entire team was happy to add their expertise to the development of Fonts Changer. However, the core team that worked on the app consisted of:

  • Back-end developer
  • iOS lead
  • iOS developer
  • QA specialist
  • Project manager
  • Designers


Our team tested new approaches and techniques during app development, so that the full process took one month.


Our team used an immense technology stack to bring about the best implementation of the app:

  • Front-end – Swift
  • Back-end – Java 
  • Analytics – Amplitude
  • Marketing – Facebook Ads
  • Wrapper – Firebase

Challenges and Solutions

Development of any software implies challenges, and these are the ones we dealt with while working on Fonts Changer:

A main challenge was the fact that this app was one of the first products that we made on our own. While working on this project, our team needed to ensure that product creation was smooth and the product itself worked flawlessly. This required time, the introduction of techniques that were new to us, as well as involving the expertise of all our specialists.

On this application, our team has worked to implement a universal back-end, which is another of our projects. With its help, there will be no need to create another special back-end for each new application. The team can just use the premade set of functions. This approach significantly speeds up development of any mobile and web app.

Also, a good challenge was our first working experience with Amplitude. While quite complex, it’s one of the best tools for mobile applications. 

All these costs and challenges led us to a fairly successful implementation and support of the project.

How we monetized it

The product is monetized using the subscription model. This model best suits an application like this since we make dynamic content for it. We constantly renew our database of fonts and add new functions.

What we have now

Today we have a simple but very ambitious project. Why ambitious? 

It’s no secret that nearly any product must be advertised. Without advertising, the app will likely be lost among many similar apps and end-users will never find it. Fonts Changer has excellent ASO (App Store Optimization), which means that this app is truly popular among users. This is a pleasant and motivating fact for us, since it indicates that our app is in demand and has all the essentials for successful development in the future.


Even though the Fonts Changer is already quite popular, it needs updates and improvements, like any other project. What is included in our plans?

Plans for updating Fonts include adding a test field that will allow users to try out all the fonts before signing up. This is an innovative solution for such an application, aimed at increasing customer loyalty, as well as helping them understand how well the offered product suits them.

We also plan to change the monetization model. Monthly and weekly subscriptions will be added to the annual subscription so that our users pay only for the time they will be using our app. This will prevent situations where a user subscribes but doesn’t use the app (like when someone buys a year-long gym membership but stops going after a week).

But most importantly, we plan to add new fonts, as well as create a converter that allows you to change the font for the text that has already been written. For example, you have already written a good caption for a photo or story on Instagram, and you want it to look special. Thanks to this сonverter, you won’t need to retype the entire text. You’ll just need to copy it, apply the font you selected, and all the characters will change to stylized ones.


We all value our precious moments and love simple things that do not require much time and effort. We tried to make this combination one of the main characteristics of Fonts Changer.

Whether you love beautiful captions on your posts or just want your text messages to look more original, you will love this app for its ease of use and large font selection.

It is never too late to become bright and recognizable, and we are happy to help with our Fonts Changer app.

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