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July 5, 2021

Yellow’s CEO, Mitya Smusin Strongly Believes in the Lean Methodology to Offer Robust Solutions

GoodFirms, a Washington, D.C.-based B2B research and reviews firm, approached Mitya Smusin, the CEO of Yellow, to ask him about the company, its services, and business approach.

Incorporated in 2015 and based in Minsk, Yellow's mission helps clients' create great products. It is a technology company that prides itself in product design, transparency in the processes, and expertise in producing successful products from scratch.

It also specializes in mobile and web development, user experience, and design. Unlike most other firms, the team takes business needs first, making cutting-edge tech work for clients' company's goals.

The professionals make sure that products delivered are scalable, maintainable, and future-proof, creating an urge to clients to come back again and again. One of the core values is design. The professionals create clean, in-your-face user interfaces even for the most sophisticated workflows.

Moreover, the experts firmly believe in the lean methodology, encouraging clients to spend as little money as possible for the first version of your product. Instead of making assumptions and allotting huge budgets upfront, the team quickly creates an MVP for clients, takes it to the market, collects feedback, and reiterates fast!

The GoodFirms team approached Mitya Smusin, the CEO of Yellow to learn more about the company and its flourishing services.

Starting with the interview, Mitya divulges that it's pretty typical: he and his team started doing freelance and consulting, which gradually grew to take over more prominent and more exciting projects.

Yellow is an entirely in-house digital product agency providing companies with high-quality software development services. It is also recognized as a Top B2B Company and a Top 1000 Global Service Provider.

Mitya also mentions that the experts create their own applications. It allows them to understand the clients and their needs better since they participate in the product lifecycle from the beginning to the end.

Talking about the services rendered by Yellow, Mitya first mentions the software development services. He starts by saying that the value of presenting business on the Internet is undeniable. Yet, the ubiquity itself doesn't promise anything. Ergo, the professionals help clients to achieve success with a clear plan, best practices, and the most advanced technology.

The group's first step in the creation of any product is to get an Idea. It can come to mind all of a sudden or after long and thorough thinking. Therefore, expert engineers believe that only the market can truly validate the idea, but research is necessary. It can be conducted on different levels, numbers and names may vary, but there is one goal – to determine the final product's success.

With the help of prototyping, the software developers determine the product's functionality and make mistakes to avoid them in the future. Thus, having years of experience, the team knows how to make the product easy to use and good-looking – endows Yellow to lead as one of Minsk's top software development companies at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms is confirming the quality service offerings delivered by Yellow.

Review for Yellow Systems

Secondly, Mitya mentions the artificial intelligence services furnished by the company by asserting that there's a lot of information provided on the internet on AI and machine learning. However, most of it is super complicated and will make clients lose interest in the subject. This is why the experts tried to explain technologies to clients in a simple manner to get the basics right.

When it comes to AI, it's a technology that makes things 'smart' and assists them in performing tasks. Therefore, the team helps with AI technology, enabling clients to complete the user's objectives.

With years of experience, Yellow has made a name in providing outstanding and cost-effective AI/ML services. This has led to obtaining vast experience in the field of the above-mentioned technologies. Therefore, the clients' partners with Yellow to have hands in all leading technology platforms and to get a wide array of services, which leads the firm as one of the top artificial intelligence companies in San Francisco at GoodFirms.

In conclusion, Mitya mentions that the most significant advantage to clients is that the team applies the business-before-technology approach to all the projects. It means they are proactive during the development process and put business needs first when choosing tools and technologies. They also conduct thorough research to create a stack that suits each particular requirement and function.

Mitya also mentions that the overwhelming majority of the clients are delighted with the services provided by Yellow. It can be concluded from the fact that they stay with the firm for years. Sometimes, the organization faces minor inconveniences, but the experts quickly resolve them together with the client.

Thus, having read the summary of Mitya's interview, one can also learn more about the company that creates beautiful, easy-to-use, and future-proof products for clients who need constant successful digital transformation.

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