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MVP app development company

MVP stands for “minimum viable product” and it’s a great solution for a product’s start. If your budget is limited or you need to test the waters before releasing something large and elaborate, MVP is what you'll want. Yellow offers the best in MVP development services. We can be ready to present the key functionality within one to three months.

MVP development services for startups

Yellow covers all essential tasks in MVP development, delivering results that will help define the success of your full application.

Business analysis

Prior to the MVP creation process, our team researches your app idea, business model, target audience, and competitors in order to assess the market demands and preferences.

MVP prototyping

A prototype is essential for the development of a real-world MVP. It reveals the potential errors in the core design so that the team can fix them quickly and economically.

MVP UI/UX design

An MVP might not be a full product, but it still requires design work in order for users to try it and provide substantive feedback.

MVP development

Your product's MVP will be tested with the same set of tools we use for full-scale projects. That way, we'll ensure that the MVP functions correctly.

MVP quality assurance

Your product's MVP will be tested with the same set of tools we use for full-scale projects. That way, we'll ensure that the MVP functions correctly.

MVP launch and support

The Yellow team is ready to help you enter the market with your MVP so that you can smoothly and efficiently up-scale the project to meet your needs.

Why do you need an MVP?

Minimize costs

A full-scale application can take millions of dollars to complete, but without the right development it may never pay off. An MVP minimizes the risk because you'll know, at each stage in the process, what works and what doesn't. It reveals users' preferences and, consequently, the features to which they'll be loyal.

Get funding

An idea is of little use unless it's made real. An MVP is a great way to demonstrate your product to potential investors and obtain the all-important development budget for business growth.

Validate the idea

A minimum viable product is the way to exhibit your business idea and core features to the target audience, which will then offer the feedback needed for problem-free scale-up.

Get a quick start

Budgeting is important, but without a quick start your team could spend years developing a full set of app functions. An MVP is the fastest way to meet your market.

Create an MVP with a team of top-notch talents

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The MVP development process

The approach we use lets you quickly create a stable MVP for introduction to the market.

Idea discovery

When you come to us with an idea for an MVP, we'll help define it and then get to work.

Opportunity research

To ensure that your project will fit the market, our team conducts market research.


When all the necessary data is in hand, we'll create a prototype that expresses the appearance of your app.


With the prototype reviewed and agreement obtained, we'll begin the MVP development.


When the bulk of the coding and design work is done, we subject that information to extensive tests.

Launch and support

When the MVP is released, the team monitors the project to ensure the intended performance and user satisfaction.

Industries We Serve

Our professional development team creates complex, multifunctional applications in a variety of business sectors:



Artificial Intelligence

Health & Fitness

Booking & Travel


Reasons to hire an MVP development agency

Business-first approach

Your business needs are the foundation of the development process. We don’t start coding until we understand those needs.

Product lab

Because we create our own products, we can examine and understand the entire product lifecycle. This knowledge is used in the development of your project.

Secure process

Before the development begins, we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you so all your data stays protected.

Always in touch

As part of team policy, our specialists reply to emails and messages within 24 hours. We also make weekly calls to make sure we're all on the same page.

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Some MVP insights

We are an experienced MVP development company and are happy to share with you our vision on what is an MVP and how it works.

Frequently asked questions

What is an MVP?

An MVP, or minimum viable product, is a core set of functions to be included in the market-introduction version of your app. It demonstrates the basic hypothesis concerning your product.

Why do I need it?

An MVP helps validate your idea and determine whether your product is needed by the market at a given point in time. It costs less than a full-scale development and takes less time to build.

How much time MVP development will take?

With Yellow, MVP development will take from one month to three months, depending on the specifications.

How far does my ownership extend?

You own everything related to the project, including the NDA, source code, design and intellectual property.

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