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iOS App Development Services

iOS was specifically designed for Apple products and now has about 26% of the modern market share. App Store, the iOS app market, contains over 2 million applications. In the process of product creation, we use modern technologies for the iOS platform, which guarantee the high speed of work, convenience for users, and monetization possibilities.

Since each iOS version requires separate design parameters and covers different target audiences, Yellow provides clients with a variety of iPhone app development services.
Mobile application development for iPad and business tasks solves the multimedia needs of the audience: reading books, watching videos, surfing the Internet, and others.

Custom iOS app development services we provide

The Yellow team has sophisticated experience in creating iOS applications. We acquire first-rate talents for working on our projects. Here is the list of iOS app development services we provide.


We are huge fans of prototyping because it helps the team and client understand what the app should look like. All intellectual property is yours.

UI/UX design

Yellow acquires the most skilled UI/UX designers to create a user-friendly iOS app that will cover all the needs of a final user.

iOS app development

Our team is ready to help you in developing a tailored iOS solution from scratch using the proven and trustworthy technologies.

Redesign & Redevelopment

If you want to upgrade your existing app or had a bad experience with the previous team, we are willing to help you get on the right track.

iPad app development

If you want to hit the market of tablet applications with your idea and get a warm welcome from the audience, no problem: 
We have your back here.


According to a well-structured flow, Yellow’s highly qualified QA specialists work, so the final version of an iOS app will be bugless.


When the app is finished and released, Yellow provides complete support and maintenance of the product.

Your idea deserves to come into reality

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Custom iPhone Application Development Process

1. Idea

The idea comes first. When you formulate what you want from your iOS application, we will help you answer whether this idea can survive the competition in the App Store.

2. Research

The idea has the potential to achieve firm success, so now it’s time to take a closer look at the market: what competitors offer, what niche is suitable for your app, and what competitive advantage you can use.

3. Prototype

A prototype is an essential stage in iOS app development: You and the team see what the app will look like on various iPhone and iPad screens, how users will move around the app, and what should be fixed.

4. Design

Designing is the most creative part of iOS product creation. But despite being full of creativity, this process also needs a lot of working effort. Here we define what the app will look like and what visual experience the users will get.

5. Develop

When diving into the technical side of iOS app development, the Yellow team uses cutting-edge technologies and tools. They are trusted by many specialists and proved themselves to be the right choice for iOS apps.

6. Review

Yellow is a fan of the cross-review process. All the code is reviewed by peer engineers and our iOS tech lead. If necessary, it’s optimized and then passed to QA specialists. It helps us make sure each update is of a high standard.

7. Test

There are plenty of testing types we use for iOS solutions: manual, automated, integration tests, load tests, unit tests, and many more. The Yellow team will help you not get lost in all these types and recommend the most fitting for your project.

8. Launch

When previous stages are successfully finished, we help you release your app in the App Store. Our team can provide you with all the packaging and marketing materials. Also, the Yellow team provides full post-release support and is always there to help you with anything you face.

Industries We Serve

Since 2015, Yellow acquired sufficient experience in developing iOS applications for various industries across the world:


Social media

Artificial Intelligence

Health & Fitness

Booking & Travel



Why you should hire an iOS app development company

Business before technology

The team looks at the project beyond simple coding. We have a vision of a product as a whole and take into account your business needs.

Creating our own apps

A product lab helps us better understand the product lifecycle and the peculiarities of running your own application.

Data protection

At the beginning of the cooperation, all parties sign the non-disclosure agreement, so all your information stays legally protected.

Write to us and an NDA prepared

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Answering questions

What is custom iOS development?

Custom iOS development means that an application for iPhones or iPads is created from scratch according to your specifications.

Is iOS development worth it?

Sure! iPhone app development provides high security and a close-knit ecosystem. Also, Apple supports high standards of hardware and software optimization, so the application will be liked by the audience.

What tech stack is used for iOS development?

The main tech stack consists of:

  • Swift

  • Objective C

  • Java

  • Core Data

What is the process of creating an iOS application?

iPhone app development stages include working on an idea, conducting market research, prototyping, UX/UI design, coding, cross-review, testing, launch, and post-release support.