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Custom mobile app development services

Since smartphones and tablets have become an inseparable part of our daily life, the supply and demand for mobile app development services have skyrocketed and now stay steadily on a high level. Still, you cannot immediately hire the first agency that offers that service.

The team should have enough relevant experience and a proven track record that will show how trustworthy they are. Our mobile app developers are ready to provide you with this and help you turn your idea into reality.

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Our custom mobile app development services

Yellow is a mobile app development company that develops applications for both iOS and Android, including cross-platform app development. Mobile devices are also not a problem: We work with smartphones as well as with tablets.

Yellow is ready to help your business hit the next level with a top-notch mobile app. We rely on the most advanced and trustworthy solutions that completely address your business needs. With a business-first approach, our mobile app developers do not just code, they proactively engage in the whole product life cycle to help you understand what the market really wants.

iOS app development

Yellow delivers native iOS apps written on Swift and Objective-C for iPhones and iPads. We work with the most innovative tools to build an iOS solution that will ensure 100% user satisfaction.

Android app development

We are passionate about native Android application development with platform-specific technologies like Java and Kotlin. Our engineers always bear in mind all peculiarities of this operating system.

MVP development

We strongly believe that only the market can truly validate the idea, so the best way to introduce your app to the audience is to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It will show you what your potential users truly desire.

Enterprise mobile app development

Besides helping startups and small businesses find their niche in mobile markets, we are ready to assist global enterprises in acquiring new audiences and customers via mobile app development projects like native and cross-platform apps.

Mobile UX design

Our design team has extensive experience working on mobile app design for various industries. We make sure that visual solutions are self-explanatory and convenient. You get a design that sets you apart from the competitors.

Solutions for all mobile app development platforms

To help you realize your idea and create a mobile application with the best possible user experience, we apply our expertise to any platform needed.

Native app development

Native development means the app is created and used on one platform only. A lot of businesses opt for native apps due to their performance, security, and broader feature set.

Cross-platform development

Cross-platform mobile applications have one codebase that is used on all platforms. Creating cross-platform apps is your choice if you want to quickly enter the market and spend less on maintenance work.


Progressive web apps are web solutions that can function as mobile ones. They can be “installed” on any device’s main screen for users to easily access them and the experience will look and feel like a native mobile application.

Hybrid development

It’s possible to combine native and cross-platform development approaches within one solution. Besides taking technologies and tools from both methods, hybrid development merges their benefits and advantages.

Benefits of custom app development

A mobile app can benefit you in many ways: easier employee connection, smooth conducting of transactions, task planning, or even entertaining. More importantly, these benefits are relevant not only to established businesses but also to young and promising startups.

Profits rise

You will encourage sales by building a faster and more responsive solution

Increased recognition

The user-friendly interface simplifies the user flow and improves brand loyalty

Process automation

Attract more employees and easily manage the business without routine work

Customer engagement

Build trusting relationships with customers by being in touch 24/7

Stand out from the crowd

Create a unique mobile solution and win the attention of the audience

Cost reduction

Create effective marketing campaigns without additional expenditures

Get all the benefits of mobile app development for your business!

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Mobile app types we focus on

During 6 years of our work, we have acquired ample experience in mobile app development. We have built mobile apps for a wide range of industries, from tourism and entertainment to insurance and health care.


Yellow’s primary focus is mobile chat app development. Whether it’s a simple chat add-on to an existing app or a huge enterprise solution for workflow management, our team is here to help. Having extensive experience, we opt for the best tools to completely address your business needs.

Social media

Today, communication is everything. Everyone wants to stay in touch with their family, friends, and colleagues. Besides, with social media, meeting new people became a breeze. The Yellow team is here to assist you in building a mobile social media app that will be welcomed by the audience.


It’s hard to list all benefits of fitness, but to achieve them, you need discipline, motivation, and consistency. Not everyone has enough time and money to go to the gym, so personal training apps come in handy. Yellow creates reliable and user-friendly fitness solutions that help users stay sharp and healthy.


Traveling is an exciting activity that helps people enrich their knowledge and improve their mood. Mobile apps for travelers and travel business owners are becoming more and more in demand. Our team is highly experienced in creating mobile solutions for the tourism and hospitality industries.


Since online dating is popular among users, there are plenty of mobile dating apps on the market. The engineers of Yellow will apply all their efforts to help you build a secure and intuitive dating app that will attract users.

Artificial Intelligence

Self-learning software is the future. Applying AI to your mobile app will give quite a competitive advantage in the market. Here at Yellow, our engineers work with AI technologies that will power up your solution. We are ready to build a smart mobile app.

The strategy of mobile development

Since 2015, we have developed an efficient strategy of working with mobile apps. We can start applying mobile app development services from any of these stages if necessary.

Analyzing the market

Here we are looking at what your audience truly wants and how your competitors are already addressing these needs.

Partnering with an agency

Choose a trustworthy agency with relevant experience that can provide you with high-quality mobile application development services (like Yellow). If you already have an in-house team, you can still get some help and expertise from the agency.


This step includes wireframing, building a clickable prototype, and creating the final user-friendly UI/UX design.


To make sure that the coding process is as it should be, we use a peer review approach so all the team can contribute their expertise to the project.


Our quality assurance team uses both manual and automated testing during the whole development process to ensure your app’s best performance.

Launch and post-launch maintenance

When the app is out, we collect the real user feedback and keep updating your solution.

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Why you should hire mobile application development experts at Yellow

We are a software development agency trusted by more than 40 clients. Mobile app development with Yellow is beyond simple coding. Our proactive approach results in long-term business outcomes.

A highly skilled team of 60+ qualified mobile app developers

All intellectual property belongs to you and you only

6+ years of development and design experience

Guaranteed free consultation

“Business before technologies” approach

5-star reviews on Clutch and GoodFirms

Answering questions

What is custom mobile app development?

Custom mobile development implies creating a mobile app for one or more platforms (iOS, Android) with the help of native programming languages, cross-platform tools, and third-party integrations. A custom application is tailored to your specific business needs and solves your specific problems.

What mobile application development services do you provide?

We can help you with iOS and Android native development, cross-platform development, mobile UI/UX design, prototyping, and building MVP and PWA.

Is it really worth it?

The popularity of mobile applications is growing: an average smartphone owner uses about 10 apps per day. Taking into account that there are 3.2 billion smartphone users, the benefit of using mobile app development services becomes clear.

How much would a custom mobile application cost?

The development costs will include several factors that will have a major impact on your budget:

  • The team composition

  • Their hourly rates

  • Expected deadlines

  • The list of desired functionalities

  • Other specifications

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