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UI/UX design services

Powered by first-class specialists, Yellow provides you with top-notch UI and UX design services for web and mobile applications. We know how to efficiently engage your audience with your product. The project’s architecture and user needs are our top priorities that allow us to organize clear logical user flows to get a unique interface.

UX & UI design services we provide

Successful UI/UX design is a result of mixing up art, technology, experience, strategy, and engineering. Here are the UI and UX services our team can assist you with.

Web app design

Creative and understandable website design significantly increases the chances of a visitor taking the target action we need. There must be no extra distractions that will influence the website navigation. The design’s role is to create a likable atmosphere for the selected product or service and encourage users to make a choice.

Mobile app design

Mobile UX design defines the correct user flow of the app. How many actions will the user take to reach what they want? What additional features will they face on this path (read reviews, specifications, check photos, rate, watch ads)? How to combine all this and not confuse the user? Our team can answer these questions.

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Our Process

Providing high-quality UI/UX design services is impossible without an established and well-structured process. Some stages can be omitted depending on the starting point, but our full process looks like that:


This stage provides the team and the client with valuable information about the market, product, and audience: how saturated the market is, what users want to have, what design services will be needed.

User Portrait

On the basis of data extracted from the research, we create a user portrait—a hypothetical person with the average characteristics of your target audience. It will help with further activities.


A CJM, or Customer Journey Map, visually shows how users are going to interact with your application to reach the final goal. A good CJM will help resolve most of the user issues in the future.

User Stories

User stories provide a more detailed description of processes and actions made by a user and divide them into several releases. At this stage, we can see the whole backlog of the product in one place.


The next step is creating an informational structure based on User Stories. A sitemap can include pages inside the app, groups of related content, and page control elements..

User Flow

Another valuable type of design services is building a user flow. For reaching a certain target action, users can choose one of the possible scenarios that will lead them to what they want. User flow shows the ways people navigate inside the app.


The purpose of wireframes is not to show how attractive your app is but to give an understanding of how convenient it will be for your end-users. Here we can make mistakes in order not to make them later.

Visual Research

Our team researches the references and UI solutions of the competitors to create an eye-pleasing UI design that, in combination with well-built UX, will give users the best experience.

UI Design

The last step of providing design services includes agreeing on the visual style, drawing screens, making a UI kit with all components, and usability testing. That’s it, your app’s design is ready to go!

Tools we use

Here is the toolset we use for UI/UX design services.

Reasons to hire a user interface designer

Why may you need user interface design services?


You want to achieve your business goals faster


You want to better understand your customers


Your old solution needs to be updated


You need a third-party view of your project


You don’t have enough resources to research


You have no design team of your own

Top-notch UX/UI design specialists

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Benefits of UX/UI design services by Yellow

At Yellow, we believe that a first impression is very important, especially when it comes to presenting your business to the public. This is how our user experience design services will boost your business.

Best user experience

A team of specialists experienced in UI/UX design will take care of your product by putting all the effort into the work. The user will not be confused or frustrated by using the app, everything will be arranged in a logical sequence.

Detail-oriented design

Even though user interfaces are based on general concepts, details are what really matter. One small mistake can ruin the impression of your product. The Yellow team pays extreme attention to details making sure the app is outstanding.

Focus on the target audience

With a talented UI/UX team, you will be able to attract your target audience with a unique and efficient user experience that will address their needs and resolve their pain points. Such a solution will captivate them from first sight.

Innovative solutions

We use only the latest technologies to provide you with design services. All of them are proven to be effective in design. Still, our team is not stiff: We are flexible and ready to work with new approaches and trends in UI/UX design.

Answering questions

What is the difference between UI and UX?

UI design stands for User Interface and means the series of visual elements—screens, pages, buttons, icons, text blocks, color palettes, even sounds—that users perceive when they interact with the product.

UX, or User Experience, shows how a user is going to interact with an app and includes utility, ease of use, and efficiency.

Why do you call them “custom”?

Custom UX and UI are created from scratch and focused on problem-solving. Its goal is to resolve a user’s pain point by providing them with a suitable solution. The pain points are discovered via research of the target audience and their needs.

What will be the next step after we reach you?

After receiving a note from you, we schedule a call to discuss with you your goals and give you more details on how our design team works. Be sure that everything stays confidential: We send you an NDA that you can edit according to your company’s policy.

Then, we provide you with a detailed estimate. It includes the range of necessary design work, timeline, deliverables, team composition, and costs. 

After the review from your side, our design team is ready to start!

How many resources does it take to design a product?

We approach each project individually, estimating the necessary time and budget for the required specifications. Anyway, we let the market validate all ideas: We create MVP first and use A/B testing to define the best design solutions.

Tailored UX design services for your business

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