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Web application development services

Building a website or creating a custom web application is the result of great teamwork. Everyone is involved in it: software engineers, designers, markup developers, and other specialists. The proper choice of a web development agency is the first step in getting a high-quality web solution that satisfies the customer.

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Web development services we provide

Our team provides businesses of all scales with web development services needed to achieve their business goals.

Custom web development

Since people spend a lot of their time online, a well-built website becomes a top priority for a business. Our team provides custom web development services meaning we create websites and web apps according to your requirements.

Headless CMS development

Headless CMS enables you to work with content on several platforms in one interface. Also, more secure than a traditional one since you can hide from direct outside access. Yellow is ready to assist you in creating such a solution.

MVP Development

A Minimum Viable Product, or MVP, is the best way to collect initial audience feedback about your Web App idea. Building an MVP will help you amplify your business value and optimize the effort, enabling you with facts for further strategy.

PWA development

With Progressive Web Applications, businesses can provide their customers with a native-like mobile experience without building a mobile app. PWAs are cost-effective, stable, and are combined with a top-notch multiplatform user experience.

UI/UX web design

Our team is equipped with modern tools and design patterns. We combine eye-pleasing and attractive design with a convenient and easy-to-understand interface. Our design team pays extreme attention to details like fonts and animations.

Support & maintenance

When the project is finished and released, the work is not over: Yellow provides a top-level user experience to your web solution visitors with our ongoing web support and maintenance services. We ensure your users will be satisfied.

Benefits of custom web app development

Here is what competitive advantage you can get if you choose web application development for your business.


Your future web app will work with minimal downtimes on any platform.


Quality web applications are highly protected and are set up from a centralized location.


Processing a large volume of data is smooth and bug-free, scaling is a breeze.

Ease of maintenance

A web application is easy to support, update, and maintain.

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Industries we serve

Our team works with a wide array of business areas and industry verticals


A good web application can be of use for almost any financial organization. Whether it’s a web platform for clients where they can make payments and apply for credit or a platform for employees to keep track of their activity and increase their operational efficiency, you will need web development.


Web solutions mean a lot for the travel industry. Hotels, tourist spots, and review services need websites or web apps for proper functioning. Our team of highly experienced web engineers is ready to help.


Online learning is a great opportunity for people to upgrade their skill set. Web e-learning services surged in popularity recently since a lot of people want to share their expertise with others.

Retail & E-Commerce

In the age of the Internet, people make an enormous amount of purchases online. It’s not limited to clothes and food: cosmetics, repair tools, household equipment, various kinds of services. Find your niche with Yellow.

Health & Fitness

Health and fitness industry is on the rise. The demand for customizable and easily manageable web applications is rising. Yellow will help you develop and launch a niche-fit and user-friendly web fitness application.


Web development projects are not unfamiliar to the transportation industry. The possible solutions can include a delivery website, web platform for ordering logistics services, and internal system for tracking drivers and trucks.

How we develop web solutions

Our app development process consists of the following steps

Research and analysis

Our team estimates the project, conducts competitive analysis, and organizes the work.

Wireframing and prototyping

Here we create black-and-white wireframes and simple prototypes to show the user flow.

UI and UX design

When the prototype is approved, we start the more detailed work on the project’s design.

Development and review

Application development and code review always go hand in hand.

Testing and bug-fixing

We apply both manual and automated tests to catch as many bugs as possible before launch.

Maintenance and support

When the project is released, we start working on updates and real user feedback.

Why choose Yellow

App development with Yellow has several benefits for you.

Business-first approach

We take business needs first and look at the product beyond the coding perspective.

Product lab

We create our own products that allow us to understand the whole product life cycle.

Contentful partner

If you want to implement a headless CMS for your project, Yellow is the right choice.


We sign the NDA with you so everything about your web application will stay protected.

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Answering questions

Why does my business need a web solution?

Websites are one of the main ways for businesses to communicate with their audience. Also, web apps can keep users invested in your product or service.

Will you support the website after the release?

Yes, we provide full support and maintenance services for the web solutions we build.

Do you take web design work?

For sure, our design team will help you create a web design for your project from scratch or redesign the existing solution.

How much would it cost to develop a web app?

The final costs will depend on the specifications and the scope of work, but the approximate budget will start from $10000.

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