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Cloud based application development company

Whether you need to create a cloud-based application from scratch, migrate a legacy app to cloud platforms, or integrate cloud services into your business, Yellow is ready to assist you in delivering your product to the market. We’ve been working with startups, medium-sized businesses, and global companies since 2015, helping them streamline their workflow and taking business processes to the next level.

Cloud software development is ideal for companies that need solutions with sophisticated customization, advanced scalability, and enhanced security. Yellow can provide you with the tools and knowledge to create the cloud application you need.

Cloud application development services

Yellow provides a vast scope of cloud-based services to cover all aspects of any product idea. We have top-notch software engineers within our team available to build a fast and reliable cloud application. All of them have reliable experience and a broad view of the best technologies and frameworks. Let us put this high-level expertise to work for you.

Cloud migration

Our specialists work closely with your team to migrate apps and infrastructures to the cloud or integrate hybrid cloud solutions. We use proven and trusted migration methods to ensure your data’s integrity and safety.

Cloud-native development

Integrating cloud solutions into your business will positively affect the core metrics and facilitate scaling up and maintenance. As a cloud app development services company, we will help you realize the maximum potential of cloud implementation.

Cloud Computing Architecture

Proper cloud architecture ensures all critical processes are correctly connected with one another. We create service-oriented architectures to organize flawless data flows.

Cloud app UI/UX design

This is an important stage in cloud app development services. If your cloud app needs to be designed from scratch or requires a redesign to meet user needs and optimize flow, our team will take care of it. We’ll come up with a user journey that will ensure you have effortless control over the interface.

Cloud app testing

Even though we deliver a high-quality code, we plan the testing process and conduct both manual and automated tests to make sure your cloud application will function as it should when delivered to the market.

Cloud app management

Efficient management and maintenance of a cloud app is a key factor in its success. As a cloud app development company, we are prepared to organize the ideal management solutions to help you easily scale up your business if and when necessary.

Benefits of cloud-based solutions for your business

Although the line between a cloud-based app and a general web application may seem quite vague, cloud platforms offer numerous advantages to businesses compared to legacy web solutions.

Cost efficiency

Cloud platforms have the ability to upscale and downscale according to your app’s requirements. You are charged only for resources you actively use.

Increased flexibility

With cloud services, you can organize a faster delivery to the market and implement updates more smoothly. In this way, the services are tailored to your business needs.

Closer collaboration

Cloud technologies eliminate physical obstacles between clients and staff. There is no physical communication of any kind required, reducing stress for both parties.


All users have access to the information they need from all of their devices. Whenever your employees or clients need to retrieve information, they can easily do so as with only an Internet connection required.

Develop a cloud-based app with Yellow

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Our process of cloud solutions development

The detailed, well-planned, and structured process of cloud app development allows Yellow to successfully bring your ideas to life:

1. Idea

It’s always good to have a second pair of eyes to look at your ideas. Especially if these eyes belong to experts in the field. Yellow will discuss your idea with you and help you answer whatever questions you may have.

2. Research

We will investigate your competitors and help you define a target audience to make the most of your cloud app. At this stage, we team up to determine the chances of their products’ success and find a way to get it done fast.

3. Prototype

Prototyping is a valuable stage in any software development. A prototype helps you understand if your idea will work and find what needs to be fixed in the core concept. It saves you a lot of money and time in the long run.

4. Design

A good UI/UX design is a must for any software because it helps to create an emotional bond with a product and turn customers into brand’s advocates. Yellow makes cloud-based apps both functional and beautiful. Your users will have no problem navigating inside the application.

5. Development

Our team uses top-notch technology and design tools to create cloud computing solution for your business. Cloud and hybrid cloud platforms are secure and easily scalable to correspond to your business needs.

6. Release

We recommend you start with a minimum viable product (MVP) creation to validate the idea and test the hypothesis within the market itself. When initial feedback is collected, we will be ready to proceed with updating, bug-fixing, maintenance, and scaling up. All previous steps were done to mark the very beginning of the exciting process.

Industries we serve

Yellow has extensive experience in working on cloud applications for a wide range of business areas.









Why choose us?

Business-first approach

While designing and developing your app, we always take the needs of your business into account and propose a solution tailored to your target audience. Moreover, we’re interested in your project's success just like you’re. Think of Yellow as a reliable business partner that you can trust.

Product lab

Creating our own applications from scratch allows us to consider the entire lifecycle of products and apply this experience to your project. We know all the pitfalls and nuances of the development process.


All your data is safe on a cloud platform. In addition, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you to keep your information legally protected.


You are in control of each workflow step. We will contact you weekly to report the results and post daily text updates on the process. We believe that transparent communication is the key to the success of the project. 

Your cloud-business app is in the right hands

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Answering questions

Why are cloud services so efficient?

Cloud platforms are cost-efficient and highly flexible. They make data available from everywhere and create closer collaboration between team members.

What industries is cloud tech suitable for?

Technically, any industry! Cloud tech can serve healthcare, education, entertainment, travel, telecommunication, and more.

Is my data protected on cloud platforms?

Yes! Cloud services provide you with the utmost level of data security.

How much does it cost to develop a cloud-based app?

It’s hard to estimate the accurate costs of cloud app development since the requirements differ from one project to another. Feel free to contact us for a real estimate of your project.

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