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DevOps Development Company that Helps You Grow

Are you looking for a way to connect your software development process with IT operations, accelerate delivery, and keep all your departments on the same page? DevOps service is your solution. Save more resources, streamline the development process, enhance security, and launch superb software with DevOps. Yellow is a DevOps services company that is ready to help you make it happen.

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What is DevOps?

In a nutshell, DevOps is a collection of methods and practices that are meant to link the software development (Dev) and IT (Ops) teams. From the technological side, DevOps aims to speed up the development cycle through automation. In terms of culture, DevOps promotes closer communication and more efficient cooperation, which in turn results in better performance and faster launches.

Advantages of DevOps as a Service for your business

Minimal launch time

Your code is always ready to be delivered to the end-user. Since it’s launched behind the scenes, the app’s operations won’t be compromised.

More cooperative team

A good DevOps solution brings teams closer together and helps reduce stress for the members. Happy and symbiotic teams have more freedom for research, experiments, and innovation.

Faster problem solving

DevOps practices provide you with more rapid error detection and constant performance monitoring. At the same time, the DevOps service ensures bugs can be fixed quickly when they are discovered.

Better customer experience

With DevOps, customers get updates and fixes faster and the app’s usability is improved, so the overall customer experience is better.

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DevOps insights to pay attention to


of respondents said DevOps positively impacts their organization in 2020


of respondents said DevOps helped them improve the quality of deliverables


million dollars is the size of the global DevOps market


reduction of time spent handling support cases with the help of DevOps


of teams consider DevOps at least somehow important

Industries that can benefit from DevOps


On-demand services





Social networks


DevOps professional services we provide

Yellow can help you with the following DevOps services and solutions.

Testing automation

Automation of the QA process helps to achieve faster launch times and a higher quality final product. Yellow has vast experience in test automation to help you with this process.

CI/CD pipeline

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are important processes for DevOps culture. We make sure they function as they should to maximize the benefits of DevOps service.

Security integration

We perform end-to-end security integration using state-of-the-art methods, ensuring your DevOps processes, as well as the DevOps environment and data, are all safe.

DevOps configuration management

To give you more time to focus on business values, we are ready to provide you with DevOps as a service that will help you with data and code management.

Cloud migration

Since we also handle cloud development, we can help you migrate your infrastructure to cloud. This facilitates further scaling up, allowing you to save more resources.

Cloud cost optimization

We can audit the cloud infrastructure you already have and then offer possible DevOps service to help you reduce your cloud platform expenses. We will also help you implement these solutions if needed.

Introduce DevOps to boost your team’s performance!

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DevOps implementation process

Our team has a proven strategy of working with PWAs. Depending on your requirements, we tailor it to your project.

DevOps initiative proposal

The introduction of DevOps service requires a cultural shift, so the team should be aware of the value and benefits these new practices provide.

DevOps strategy development

Developing a strategy requires a thorough analysis of the IT infrastructure and development lifecycle you currently use and the preparation of a step-by-step guide for transformation.

Continuous Integration setup

With Continuous Integration, all changes to the code are automatically merged into one repository so there is always functional software available.

Implementing continuous testing

Continuous testing is an essential part of DevOps. It allows QA specialists to perform tests, both manual and automated, at every stage in the development pipeline.

Establishing continuous deployment

When a certain part of code is merged into the repository and passes all the tests, it’s automatically deployed to production.

Continuous monitoring and management

These processes allow you to monitor the performance of the product, set up the DevOps KPIs, and quickly fix any issues which arise.

Why is Yellow a top-notch DevOps services provider?

Product lab

We create our own products to understand the full lifecycle and apply these experiences to your project.

Everything belongs to you

Your project is yours and yours only. All rights to designs, code, and intellectual property are legally yours.

“Business before technology” approach

We put your business needs first and build our strategy to address them and help your business grow.

Available 24/7

You can contact us at any time and we will reply within the next 24 hours. Time zones are not an obstacle.

Want to integrate DevOps practices? We are here to help

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Yellow & DevOps

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Answering questions

What is one key purpose of DevOps?

The main purpose of DevOps service is to ensure faster deployment and provide your team with a less resource-consuming development cycle. This goal is accomplished with the help of automation, cultural shifts, and closer communication.

How do businesses benefit from DevOps?

DevOps service provides you with a shorter time to market and faster problem-solving. In addition, it makes your team more cohesive and gives your customers a better user experience.

What is the average cost of DevOp development?

The exact costs and time required for a particular DevOps service will depend on several factors such as the desired feature set, the team composition, and the development platform. If you would like a detailed estimate for your project, feel free to contact us.

Why should I choose Yellow for my DevOps project?

Here at Yellow, we have substantial experience in working with DevOps service. Besides, our team values your business needs first and is available 24/7 to answer your questions.

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